Monday, November 26, 2012

Cody's Football Banquet

Tonight was Cody's Football Banquet. We've been so excited for this to come. He's wanted his trophy since the Championship game was won. But at the same time, attending this banquet also means that Football Season has officially ended. And we miss it.

We went to Madeline's Steak House in Sandy. They reserved a nice banquet room. It was awesome to walk into our room. On the floor were 24 huge trophies - 22 and a half inches tall. All with their names and numbers engraved. Even the coaches got a trophy. We had a steak and baked potato dinner with a salad and rolls. It was yummy. Cost a bit more then I wanted to pay, but the banquet was really nice, so it was well worth it.

They started out by showing a movie made by Coach Parks to announce the awards. It was put together like a CMA awards  show is typically done.... they'd announce the award that was up and then either show pictures of those nominated, or a short film clip from a game. It was really neat how it was put together. Cody won the "No Quit Award". Once it was announced, Cody went up front while Coach Parks talked about why Cody won this. He said Cody was a determined boy. He wasn't the fastest on the team, but he always tried his best and finished what was expected of him. Especially on ladders. He struggled with this. He never came in first, and sometimes wasn't last, but he never gave up. And he never saw Cody cheat. I thought that  was neat that he mentioned Cody never cheating. Cody was so good to those coaches. He did exactly what was asked of him and never complained. Coach Parks mentioned that as well.

Once he gave all the awards, Coach Parks talked to all the boys about how well they did this season and really prepared for it. They ate healthier, exercised all the time, took better care of themselves, and made some really good friends on the team. He compared that to life and encouraged the boys to not quit what they've worked so hard to become. He talked about how they need to stay away from drugs, bad choices, bad friends, and things in life that can hurt them. It was really good! He is a cop. So I hope the boys really listened to what he had to say.

Then Coach Medina got up and presented the trophies to the boys. He called them up one at a time. He started with what he said is the most important part of a football team - the Line. Cody was second. Again, he talked about how Cody never gave up and worked hard on the line to help block and protect the Center. He also said as he gave the other "X" man his trophy that his only two "X" men (Cody and Shaneck), did really good to block, hit, and defend their team. He said he was proud of them.

Afterwards, all the boys were allowed to get their yard stakes and have their team sign them, like a yearbook. It was cute. They were all so excited to have everyone sign it. Cody asked me to sign his. It made me feel so proud. I wrote "Mom. Love you! Great job Trigger!" And then put little hearts all around. He didn't like that part too much because other boys would see it. But I didn't care. He got a few autographs on his jersey as well.

He had all the coaches sign, too. And we told them all thank you for everything they had done. Coach Smith was especially great with Cody, and told me he instantly took to him the minute he saw him. Said his cousin is the spitting image of Cody. I told him how much this season of football has really brought Cody out of his shell. And that we didn't realize how funny he really is. Coach Smith said he saw that, too. And then we exchanged numbers so the kids could play. That's one thing Cody asked me to do, was get numbers so he could still see all his new friends.

Coach Sohm told me as we told him thank you, that Cody helped him get through a marathon he ran. He said he was ready to quit, had about 3 miles to go and didn't think he was going to make it. He was ready to call his wife and have her come pick him up when the image of Morse popped into his head. He said he saw Cody and how much he struggled with ladders, and would even cry through them at times, but he never gave up. Coach Sohm said if Morse can do it, so can I.

I wanted to cry as he told me that.

Coach Medina is more shy and reserved, so when we thanked him, he kind of put his head down and didn't say as much. He just said 'the parents did more work with the boys then I did'. But we talked to him later on, and I thanked him again for how much he worked with the line. Because without a line, you don't have a good football team. He immediately said he didn't even work with the line as much as he wanted to, but honestly, I've never seen a coach spend as much time as he did with them. He spent probably 50 to 75% of practice with them. He'd go over everything. He'd literally walk them through individually showing them  exactly where and what they were supposed to do. They spent a lot of time just talking, but it paid off. It gave them the confidence and the ability to literally "see" exactly what they were supposed to do. I'll always be appreciative of this. Doing this made a huge difference in Cody enjoying football. If Cody knows what he is supposed to do, he does it.

I am so proud of Cody. I am so happy he was able to play this year. With all his medical scares the first 6 months of this year, we didn't know if he'd be able to play. But honestly, I think Satan was trying his hardest to keep him from playing. Because of football, Cody has more self confidence in himself, he smiles SO much more, is much more out going, is very funny!, and overall just plain happy. I will forever be grateful to his coaches who worked so well with him. Who built him up to believe in himself, and called him 'Trigger' when he excelled in hitting hard just so his coaches would call him that. I can't wait for next year's season to begin. 

We love you Trigger! 

Go Silverwolves!!!

(P.S....Six and a half more month's until sign-ups. I can't wait! )