Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Dance

Love when days turn out good, like today did. Especially when they follow a not so fun day. Here's our highlights from today....

1. We got our taxes done! That's why yesterday wasn't a very fun day. I worked on taxes all day long! (Sometimes self-employment has it's down falls. Like tax season.) But now... they are DONE for one year. Yahoo! My headache can go away now.

2. Jared got called to drive to New York for the church again!!! I am so excited for him. He gets to drive a semi from Manti, Utah to Palmyra, New York hauling all the lighting equipment for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It's a long 3 day drive, but he gets to stop at a bunch of church historical sites along the way. And then visit the Sacred Grove before coming home. That's why I'm so excited for him. I dream of the day I can go there. He's already having anxiety about the flight home, but we've got several months to deal with that.

3. T.J.'s feeling better. Thought he was getting strep the first half of the day today.

4. Got to chat with my Dad for a bit. I love talking to him. Of course, he came by to tell me he has to have surgery, but all in all, it was still fun to see him and laugh together. He has carpel tunnel in his right hand and also nerve damage in his elbow. They'll do surgery soon and he'll be in a cast for 10 days. But he gets most of the feeling back in his hand which is a good thing considering he does everything with his hands!

5. Saw the coolest thing today. As I was driving past one of my favorite nearby farms on my way to get T.J. lunch at Arby's (his favorite!), I looked over and saw a huge hawk sitting on top of the big sprinklers they water the field's with. He turned his head to look at me as I drove past. (Thankfully there wasn't any other cars on the road as I couldn't take my eyes off him.) It was an amazing site!  He was in the trees as I drove home. One of these days I'll have my camera with me so I can post that picture. It was one of those moments in life that was so peaceful, you couldn't help but thank Heavenly Father for all he's given to us. It was Incredible!

6. Cody earned 2 patches and a pin at Pack Meeting tonight.

7. And now, it's Wednesday night. Jared's basketball night. So I'm heading now to watch Law and Order: SVU which I absolutely LOVE!! ....and sew.

Happy Dance!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Artist

T.J. continues to amaze us with his artistic ability. Here's his latest drawings at age 10....

(At the bottom it says T.J. Morse 5th Grade)

 T.J. drew this for school. During the reading contest for the whole school, they can also draw pictures or write stories based on the theme. T.J. came home the day they heard this year's theme and immediately drew this. It will be hung in the school until the contest is over. He drew this in about 40 minutes. He found the picture to look at from a gift bag I have. I love this picture! Now to write one of our many rodeo/cowboy real life stories for the contest as well.

T.J. drew this one today after school in 30 minutes. He's like Jared and absolutely loves the 49ers. His favorite player is Frank Gore. We are so sad they lost last night. That would have been one awesome Super Bowl!

I love watching T.J. draw. He makes it look like it's nothing. I'm so glad he got the artistic gift. There's nothing better then creating something all on your own!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Poor Cody

Poor Cody... he is SO sick. Last night at about 5:30 he started complaining of not feeling good and being cold. And for those who know Cody, he's never cold! So I knew something was up. He didn't finish all his dinner, and took a bath afterwards, and was still cold. The fever was starting at this point. He mentioned around bed time his throat was starting to hurt, and I knew what that meant... STREP! Poor kid was so sick by the time he woke up this morning. He came walking into the kitchen at 6:17 this morning, red as a lobster. His face and arms looked like someone had taken a red-violet crayon and drawn all over them. And he was hot! I never took his temp because we used our thermometer on Scout and I haven't replaced it yet.
So at 9:30 we headed to the Dr. His rapid strep test came back positive as can be, and as the Dr. looked him over, told us he has Scarlet Fever as well. Poor kid! By this time the fever rash was starting on his stomach as well. His belly button looked like a cute flower, with rosy petals all around it. Sad, but kinda cute.
We had a hard time getting his meds. The computer at the Doc's office wouldn't send the prescription out like it should have so he didn't get any meds until 1:30. By this time he was SO sick!! He couldn't eat anything, his throat hurt so bad. I'd grabbed him a McDonald's Kids Meal at the time I could get his meds and all he ate was two little fries. His poor little throat just couldn't handle eating. He just cried for about an hour until the meds and Advil started working. Let's just say it was a long afternoon for him.
His rash had subsided some in this picture. The advil helped that a lot.

I stayed home with Cody from Pizza night. He ended up taking a 2 hour nap. It was only going to be 30 minutes but I could not wake him up. I tried 2 different times. The last time he sat up and said,"I just can't do it", and layed back down (Still asleep). I've never had it where I couldn't wake a kid up. It was a little scary. Guess he needed it.
I'm not going to Aunt Kathy's tomorrow. :( We started a tradition last year to get together with everyone and scrapbook a Saturday in January. As my luck goes, that Saturday is tomorrow. And Jared has Young Men's Basketball games to coach. I'm so sad! Just glad we got Cody on his meds and is starting to do ok.
He is one sick boy!


Here's another one from cute Sister Hinckley.

She has a way of putting the truth, doesn't she?!

Have a great day and hope you find many things to laugh about.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goal for 2012

“We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are.” Marjorie Hinckley
Is that the coolest quote or what?! I found this on a friend's facebook page and had to copy it.
I love this quote. I need this quote. So many times I like to think of myself as someone who can do it all. I volunteer for things, like helping someone out with big projects and such, thinking I'll have no problem doing it. When in all honesty I'm saying to myself.... "You shouldn't have done that!!!" I love helping people, don't get me wrong, but finding the time outside of my family is really hard. I feel like when I do this, I have to choose to either help this person or take care of my family. And I shouldn't. 
Sometimes I set realistic goals in my head as well that really aren't that realistic. Like last year... my goal was to scrapbook 40 different layouts. I did one! How sad is that. And because I set this goal at the beginning of the year, I felt horrible I hadn't accomplished it. But, in my head looking through my year of no time and why I didn't accomplish it, I knew there was no way of meeting this goal. I have kids. I have 3 boys!!! Ages 10, 8 and 6. Ages that require a lot more "Mom" help then older kids. I have parents I help with medical problems. And when a problem pops up with my mom, it's not one simple Dr.'s appointment we are looking at. It's many trips to the hospital, many phone calls with her trying to calm her down and explain what's going on over and over (short term memory loss), and such. It's hard! It's homework, helping Jared with work, church callings-both Jared and I are in leadership positions- scouts, volunteering at the school two days a week, sports, time with our families, sewing quilts for the boys' Christmas presents, and so on. Life's busy. So really... when I set that goal, in the back of my head I already knew it probably wouldn't have happened. I really should be happy I at least got the one done, right?!
So here's my goal for 2012.... work on Sister Hinckley's quote. 
That's it.
And whatever I get accomplished through the year is an added bonus.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Isn't it funny when you get new things to do housework with... like my new ironing board cover... that you actually can't wait to iron?! And then when you start, you can't stop?! 
I guess I should buy one of these every month. I might have my ironing done all the time.

Who knew.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Picnic by the Temple

The boys and I had a bunch or errands to run this morning, so we stopped for lunch afterwards and took it to the temple grounds to eat, staying in the truck to eat of course. (It's January and finally starting to feel like it!).

We ate by the Jordan River Temple.

Since the boys were little, I've been driving past the temple so they could see it. Granted we used to do it a lot more when they were younger and we weren't as busy, but we still do it every now and then. So today we had a picnic there. It's so peaceful just sitting by it. The boys noticed that, too. They love looking at Moroni on top. T.J. still can't believe he's about 20 feet tall.

I love these kinds of picnics with my boys. They love looking at the Temple as much as I do. Can't wait for them to go with us someday.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Til' We Meet Again

Our horse, Scout, died this afternoon. I'm really going to miss him. He had a fun personality about him. (Although I didn't like to hold him while Jared shod him. He always fought me. He hated being held during this and would rather have be tied to the truck eating some grain. But who could blame him.)

Jared called me this afternoon about 4:15 and told me he'd died. The boys were shocked. They'd seen him standing about an hour and a half before this as they were coming home. I tell ya, Scout was the toughest horse we've ever seen! Most horses when they colic go fast. But not him. Jared and I think, from watching Scout so closely lately, that he could have overcome this colic, but he'd dropped so much in weight from the last bout he had with it, that it was too much for his body. He'd still eat some but was still loosing weight. Jared's mom told us she'd seen Scout not long before he passed away trying to lean over the fence to check out their dog. Nothing kept Scout down. The boys and I headed over to see Scout after finding out. We cut some of his mane and tail to keep for the scrapbooks. Cody wanted to cut it, but then couldn't. It was too much for him.

We are really going to miss Scout, but we are happy he isn't suffering anymore. It's always the good horses that get hit with colic. His death reminds me a lot of an old cowboys death. Someone who worked hard all his life, treated everybody good, and then succumbs to something that inevitably takes his life. Scout was the best horse. He was well mannered, trusting with kids, and the best darn mountain horse you could ask for. Jared's been on some scary trails with him in the mountains, and Scout would take it like any other trail. Scout was the best. He had a cool brand on him, too. Looked like a bow and arrow. Makes us wonder if he's an old Indian horse. Wouldn't surprise me with how he looked.

Scout... 'til we meet again good buddy. We know there's some good ol' cowboys in heaven who can watch over you until we see you again. We love you.

 "Scout"  -Drawn by Cody.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hauling Hay

Since the boys are off track for another week, they got to haul hay with Dad and Grandpa Morse. T.J. especially loves this. He's such a cowboy. Cody likes it, but sometimes has to be in the mood to go. And Hunter loves going but is still too little to lift the bales so he mostly watches.
Today they went to Goshen and loaded a flat bed trailer seven layers high. Tomorrow they'll unload it at a ranch. They ran out of time to unload today.

Clare sent me this picture. I couldn't resist putting it on here. These boys are growing up. Teegan went with them, too. It's so cute to watch these kids lift the bales onto the elevator, or drop them from the stack onto the trailer. They are becoming strong, little men. Clare's caption under the picture was "John Wayne and the Cowboys". The only thing this picture is missing is my biggest cowboy - Jared - who was taking the picture.

I love that my boys are growing up "Cowboy Style". It's turning them into good little "men".
I went down a pant size. And... bought some new pants today for 70% off. My favorite kind, too.


That is all.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fingers Crossed

I'm so excited. Only 6 days into the new year and I'm passing off one of my New Year's Resolutions.

I mailed off my book to another publisher today.

Let's just say nerves are on the rise right now. I'm scared, excited, and hoping I hear from them soon. The post office said it should arrive at their office tomorrow. And usually it's about six weeks before I should hear anything. But hearing in three would be fine with me. It's been 3 and a half years since I wrote it. I've tried one publisher before but it didn't work out. And that was ok, since I found out they only publish about 3 books a year from new authors. So here's hoping with this one. And if it doesn't work out, I still have two other options I'm working on this year.

Fingers crossed.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tonight I came home to find Cody had found the movie "Remember the Titans" on t.v.. Oh man, it made me realize how much I miss football. I find myself actually craving it again. Then I realized... only 6 more months until sign-ups! And we're signing both T.J. and Cody up. Cody still argues with us that he isn't playing, but I think he secretly wants to. You know how I know? Every time this movie is on t.v., he turns it on and usually watches it. And he gets excited to tell us it's on.
I can't wait to watch him start football. Look out whoever he has to guard! He already loves to push us around at home. Imagine what can happen when he's told to do that for reals.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Isn't that so cool. I found this on my friend's blog and had to steal it. I'm trying to start this year off right. 2011 seemed to be a trying year for me and our family. So I want 2012 to be the best it can. And I know it starts with a good attitude. And then making it happen. I know there can be bumps in the road we won't see coming, but with an "Attitude of Gratitude", we can try to make difficult situations in life a little easier.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Kenison Style

Usually we spend New Year's Day with my side of the family. But with New Year's falling on a Sunday, and us not getting out of church until 4 p.m. now, we decided to take advantage of everyone having Monday, the 2nd, off of work and celebrate then. So plans were made to start at 1:00.

My morning, of course, didn't go as planned, so everything ran just a little later then usual. My boys ran to Grandma's house to check on Scout ~ who amazingly is still hanging on!!!! Last night he looked pretty good and even ate some. We are still in limbo so I'm trying hard to not get the boys hopes up with recovery talk. I think he will eventually succumb to this, but I'd love to see him hang around a while yet. He's such a sweet horse. And we love him.

Boy I get sidetracked. Sorry. Anyways, my point of telling you why I was running late all morning is this.... 
Such a sad sentence. I know everyone gets a little sick of me and my addiction to taking pictures, but that's me. That's one of the ways I document our life. And I love it. And I was so sad today because I forgot my friend.  :(

So here's the highlights of our New Year's Party with the Crazy Kenison's:

1. My nephew Teegan came. He was so excited. Years ago he adopted my parents as his "Grandparents" because he doesn't ever see his grandparents on his dad's side. And that's ok. My parents love him and invite him up anytime.

2. Jared rode his bike there. From our house to my parents, it's 9 and a half miles. That might not sound like a lot to some people, but it's a tough ride. All uphill. No joke. They live in Rose Canyon, so ya, it gets pretty steep at times. And before he did this, he shod two horses, so his legs were already tired. Good job Jared! (It really wasn't that big of a deal to him. He could have rode all the way into YellowFork Canyon. My cute CPT!) I know it sounds weird to think he was riding his bike there on January 2nd. We have NO snow. In fact, it was about 43' today. That is just wrong! We've been going through a heat wave. We haven't had a good snow storm since November, when I posted about the boys playing in it. We are praying that changes soon.

3. We ate some good food! Ham and turkey sandwiches on yummy buns, crackers and cheese, lots of veggies, chips and dip, and my yummy Mexican Dip on tortillas. It was oh so good!

4. Jim had his toys out... the train (Ok, that's Grandpa's), his 4-wheeler, and his new lawn mower. Let's just say the boys were in heaven for about an hour. They took turns driving those everywhere. Hunter almost ran me over with the train. But other than that, all was well. Thank goodness.

Jim also played a ton with the boys out back. They locked Jim in the barn and stole his hat. And played on the spider swing for a while. They all love Jim.

5. After eating we took a ride on the Kabota down to feed the ducks. It was so cute to watch them try to run after the bread on the ice. They were slipping all over the place. The boys loved every minute of this. Teegan had them eating out of his hand.

6. Dessert: Cherie's yummy brownies with ice cream, and Mom's yummy graham cracker dessert with chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and coconut. (I can't remember the name of it.)

7. Played games the rest of the night. Jamie played Yahtzee Jr. (Mickey Mouse Version) with Hunter, and then the boys played her Wii the rest of the night. Us adults played Golf, which Mom won, Wackey Six-the funnest game ever!- and Jamie won, and then Pit-also the funnest game!!- which T.J. won.

8. Lots of laughs. And jokes. This is such a Kenison thing to do. And I love it!

We checked on Scout again tonight after the party and he was up standing in his stall. We all told him good night and gave him hugs. Then he went to eating, which is a good thing.

All in all, it was a fun day.

I love days like today.

Just wish it would snow.