Friday, February 24, 2012


Jared was taking the boys with him this afternoon to help haul a truck with Grandpa. As they were leaving our yard and pulling onto the road, Hunter noticed some girls walking and immediately said, "Oh, no." Jared noticed this and asked what was wrong. Hunter then said,  

"Those girls keep saying I'm hot. What does that mean?!"

Jared explained those girls think he's cute and they like him. Then it came out they've been saying the same thing about Cody, too. Good thing both boys just roll their eyes and think it's dumb whenever we talk about it.

Shock, astonishment, and realizing these kids of mine are growing up all rolled into a ball right there! Didn't think we'd be having this kind of conversation yet.

And so it begins.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Sick Cody

This hasn't been a good start to 2012 for Cody. In the last five weeks he's had Strep with Scarlet Fever, Strep again, and now the Flu. We went in to the doctor again today. I thought he was getting strep again because he's been complaining of a sore throat the last few days, and last night started with a fever again. But after the rapid strep test came back negative and talking about symptoms, found out it's the flu. Not the throw up kind of flu. The major body ache - can't walk around, can't stand, sit, sleep, it hurts so bad I walk around like an old man type of flu. Cody is one of the toughest kids I know. He can take pain like I've never seen. So to see him crying at the Doc's office while getting the strep test done, and then cry every time he has to get up, I know he's sick.

Poor kid.

I hope March begins a good month for him.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Old Photos

Don't you love looking back at old photos? Especially of your kids? I do. I love it! And that's kind of what I've been doing. Really I've been cleaning out pictures on the computer, making sure their saved to other websites, on disks, etc. But that's like playing, right?!

I had to throw these pictures on here. Here's some of the best I've found recently.... (Taken July 2010)

 I couldn't resist taking pictures of him like this. He looks so much like his Dad and Grandpa Morse in these. Love that he posed for me.

 Love this picture!

And then there were these....

Can't forget the uni brow! Thank goodness T.J. bought these mustaches at Scout Camp so we could have some fun pictures with them.
Love their imaginations.

Classic Boys!

I sure love them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love...

I am so in love with The Pioneer Woman and her fun blog and tv cooking show on Food Network. Let's just say this... her and I have a lot in common. (She also thinks everyday should be chocolate day. I so agree with that!) And watching her show with Jared in the room confirms it. He was constantly saying, "She's exactly like you!". Maybe that's why we get along so well. Ok, in my make believe world we get along great. In reality she doesn't know who I am. But still, I'm very faithful to her blog and show. And that just might pay off for me one day. You know, when she decides she really wants to meet me and invites me and my cowboys to her ranch to meet her and her cowboys/cowgirls.

I can't wait for that day.

For her Valentine's post this year she wrote a list of things she loves and encouraged others to make one, too. And since we are like twins, I have to do one as well. Honestly, I really like this idea. Probably because I'm not one to get all mushy about Jared and our love saga. Ha, ha! Besides, I'm too considerate to make you sit and read through that. And, I would never write that anyways cause that's just not me. Give me real life. That's more interesting anyways.

So here's my Valentine's Day list. And don't mind all the mentions of food. I'm a food-aholic and not afraid to admit it. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I LoVe...
Photo taken Aug. 2011
-This guy.

Photo taken Oct. 2009
 -My Cute Lil' Cowboys.

-Trucks. And I mean a serious truck. Not one of those stupid looking one's city folk buy.
-Bulls and Horses.
-Chicken Chow Mein.
-Tacos. (Me and T.J. both!)
-Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
-Date night with Jared
-Jared's arms and shoulders. He has some serious muscle.
-Fields of hay.
-Big Sprinklers that water those fields of hay.
-Snow. It makes everything look so beautiful and sure brings out the kid in everyone.
-Diet Coke.
-Texas Stars. I have a bazillion all over my house. Jared's banned me from buying more. So I have my mom get me those as presents. Ha!
-Chaps. Especially on my Cowboys.
-Watching Jared shoe horses. He's so dang good at it! And cute, too.
-The way I feel after lifting weights with my cute CPT.
-Trains. I have a serious addiction to these.
-Hot Dogs.
-Cowboy Hats.
-Anything that has to do with Fall.
-Walking through leaves on the ground and hearing them crunch under foot.
-My Testimony.
-Hay. (As long as I don't touch the grass hay. Apparently I'm allergic. Makes me break out in hives.)
-Doctors and modern medicine.
-Gas at the Oral Surgeon's Office. Almost knocks me out cold. And I need that!
-Freedom and living in America. Especially living so close to Camp Williams that I can hear and feel the house shake when they practice their bombing. So fun!
-Summer nights.
-Newly painted walls.
-Military Aircraft.
-BBQing with Jared. Most especially Tri Tip, Pork Butts, Steak, Chicken, and Brisket.
-Mexican food.
-Spicy foods.
-Good food in general.
-Bike rides with my boys.
-Spring... all the tulips, daffodils, baby animals, green grass, leaf buds popping out on trees, and warmer weather.
-The Gospel.
-Taking pictures and recording our life through them.
-Cruel Girl Pants.
-Corn on the Cob.
-The book "The Help". Love it!
-Cowboy Boots.
-Wranglers on my cute cowboys.
-T.V. show "Friends".
-Chinese food.
-Sunday dinners with the fam. 
-Family History.
-My camera (a.k.a. another best friend of mine.)
-Laughing, jokes, and having fun.
-Wyoming. More specifically Jackson Hole, The Tetons, and Yellowstone. My favorite place ever!
-Curly Hair. (Thank goodness.)
-Peanut Butter Bars.
-And last but by far not the least.... Our Family and knowing I can be with them forever.

Ah, my BleSsiNGs in life. So very thankful for these.

~Jenn The Great

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

After finally getting Hunter to settle down tonight, I gave him a haircut. As he was getting ready to shower, I hear him say...

"I'm all furry!"

That kid cracks me up! He comes up with the funniest things to say. There is never a dull moment with him.

Ring Leaders

I did it. I became one of "Those" parents tonight.

I threatened my kids with, "One day I hope you guys have kids who are exactly like you someday!".

Ya, it's been one of those nights.

My boys are so hyper. Actually, take hyper and then times it by 10 and you have my boys tonight. It must be because it's Valentine' Day tomorrow cause other than that, I have no idea where this is coming from. They haven't had sugar. Dad isn't home (He's our biggest ring leader), and they've supposedly been doing homework. How do you get this hyper from doing homework?!


I don't know if I dare go back upstairs. I can hear them as I type. It sounds like herds of elephants galloping across the floors. Hunter is running circles between the kitchen and living room, pretending to be the horse in the rodeo who runs while holding the flag during the Star Spangled Banner. Only his version of the song,  "And the heart of the three." (Translation... "And the home of the Brave"). Cody and T.J. are "working" on their Valentine's, but really are laughing as hard as they can at Hunter, who is now doing tricks with the flag as he runs past. Cody then yells out, "I almost peed my pants!" as he's gasping for breath between bouts of laughter.

Then the boys run downstairs to tell me Hunter has changed the message on the answering machine. You know, the one everyone hears when they call and no one answers. I don't even know how to do that! I'm one of those old people who have to break out the manual to figure technical stuff out. (Embarrassing!) Good thing we don't have that hooked up right now. More bouts of laughter erupt as they listen to that chipmunk voice of his over the newly recorded message.

And they say they are doing homework!

My house is turning into a zoo.

Three boys. All within three and a half years.  They've become the ring leaders around here. I never knew the energy that could come from boys until I had my own. I can't wait until Spring when it stays lighter longer and I can make my boys run laps in the yard with the dogs. Good source of energy depletes.

Wish me luck.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Playing Florist

This week, (minus Monday because of strep), I helped at my neighbor's flower shop for Valentine's Day. I love roses, so Valentine's Day arrangements are right up my alley.

(Of course, the first couple days are just getting the vases ready. We green them for hours. That part isn't so fun. It's wet, cold, and messy with whatever they put on the greens to preserve them. I should mention we work in a shop that's about 48 degrees on a warm day. Have to keep it cold so the flowers stay fresh longer.)

 Love roses when they are in bunches like this. This was only 75 roses.
(We went through hundreds of roses.)

Love these white roses. Can't remember the name of them right now cause of a brain cramp (which happens too often!), but they are something like Vendella. I had these at my wedding. They look so creamy. They remind me of white dinner mints. And they do smell yummy!

 Part of the shop filled with flowers. And this wasn't all of it. Another section was to the right of me but I didn't take a picture. And another shipment was coming later.
I don't think people really realize how many flowers shops go through during holidays. It's insane!
 A birthday arrangement I had to do in between roses.

 6's. Or half dozens. Whatever you want to call them. I did so many of these.

 I have a love affair with these flowers. Love Gerbera Daisies!!!! Made up 18 of these in under an hour.

12's or Dozens. I did a bunch of these, too.

 I miss working at the flower shop at times. Holidays are crazy but are fun at times as well. I miss the smell of just walking into the shop. It smells ever so good! When I come home from my neighbors shop, Jared says I smell so good and that he even misses that! (How cute is that! Seriously!) So it's nice that I can help every now and then for holidays and get my flower fix. And sometimes a wedding here and there working from home. There is something so magical about flowers. I am always is awe of their beauty.

What the shop looks like after a hard days work. Boxes and boxes of floral arrangements to be delivered. My neighbor makes up arrangements and sells to different markets from local, all the way up to Wyoming. It's a very busy little shop. And it's right down the lane from my house.

It's nice to only take one minute to get to work.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Good Boy

Hunter got a desk from our cute neighbor (Mr. Blaine Perry) last summer. He was so excited. Hunt's favorite thing to do is play school. So to add a desk along with his papers and such was a dream for him. I've let him have that desk out in the living room since we got it (I know I'm a push over. No comments please.). He sits in that thing every day! Playing school, doing homework, and such. Last night I finally told him we need to move that out. He either needs to clean his room and put it in there, or it's going into the basement until he does. Guess what he did?! He cleaned his room! And not just an area of about 2 feet by 2 feet, he cleaned almost the whole thing. He was so excited. I couldn't even get him to eat dinner. He'd tell me, "Nope, I've got to clean. This is so fun!" Seriously, where did this come from? Usually it's his brothers that do all the cleaning while he makes up excuses why he can't. All he ate for dinner was a small piece of chicken and some milk.

He was so excited to move his desk in there. And then do his homework on top of it! We'd lost his homework all week (that's what happens when mom is working and they have to be in charge of their stuff). But luckily we found it. He sat at his desk and did the two whole packets while singing! He loved it! And then filled out all his Valentine's for school. He was in the best mood. It was so cute to watch. Hope this thought of "cleaning is fun" continues. It sure made my night.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Round 2

Poor Cody. He woke up not feeling good again. I checked his throat and sure enough, it's strep again. He'd complained a little bit last night as he went to bed that is throat hurt. I was hoping it was just because we had a big weekend and he missed out on some sleep. Nope. Poor kid. The doctor put him on a strong antibiotic for 10 days. He said he's hoping it's just really bad luck because it's going around so much right now. But if he gets it again, then the whole family has to come in and be tested to find out who the carrier is that has it, doesn't get sick from it, and is sharing with Cody. If it's me, I'm on antibiotics right now so it would take care of it. I don't think it is though. I'm thinking either T.J. or Hunter. They've never had strep. We'll see what happens. Looks like Cody has luck like me. Strep twice in two and a half weeks. And now, I can't work at the flower shop today.  :( Here's hoping for tomorrow.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Good Sunday

I love Sundays like this...

My boys getting ready for church so we are on time.

Then playing with their cute cousin Kai during Sacrament Meeting while trying to be quite.

Then Hunter wanting to bare his testimony during fast and testimony meeting and really DID IT this time!! So cute.

It must have been the Morse Family Testimony day cause five of us got up. (I should mention Jared's family lives in our ward, too.) First it was Jared. He gave a powerful testimony. He always does. Had the bishop crying. Then when he sat down, Hunter told him he wanted to get up and "bury" his testimony. So they practiced what to say. And after Hunter started walking up & turned around two different times and came back (the shyness gene started kicking in) he went up!!!!! He had to wait for a few kids to go before him and then it was his turn. Jared and I were so nervous for him, but excited. You could barely see his cute head above the microphone. He said, "I want to bare my testimony. I know this church is true. I'm thank you for my family. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." And then he walked/ ran back down. He gave us a big hug and said "I love Sundays now!" I had already felt like I needed to get up, and seeing Hunter go and what he said after, I knew I had to. (In between Hunter and I, Clare and Heather got up.)

I have never felt I needed to get up and bare my testimony more then I had today. I was afraid if I didn't get up, my heart was going to beat so fast I'd end up with a heart attack. So I did. And I have to throw in... I'm the type that doesn't do this hardly at all. Pretty much the only time I do is if I have to speak in church for something. (Again, the shyness gene thing.) So this was huge for me. But so much has happened lately that I knew this was one of the only ways I could thank Heavenly Father for it.

So many blessings have happened lately. So many questions and prayers have been answered in the last two months. A lot of it has to do with our new bishop. I love this man. I have no doubt he moved here because he had to be our bishop. (He lived here in our ward for only a few months before he was called. Oh, and he's married to my second cousin on my Grandma Kenison's side. Her mom was a Thacker and is my Dad's cousin. Small world.) He's become good friends with Jared. And Jared works with him now as well at the body shop until he finds a personal training job (last year there were tons of these jobs. This year... nothing.) He is a great guy. And very spiritual. And fun. He's helped our ward so much already. He was an answer to one of my prayers.

Another answer came as I got to church today. The lady in our ward who owns the flower shop asked if I could come work all week this week helping with Valentine's Day. After talking with her it was as if someone was saying to me, "You can get your tooth taken care of now." I've been so worried how we'd pay for my lovely little surgery I have to have. We don't have dental insurance. And Friday I found out it's going to cost more then I'd thought. They might even be putting me out for it. So knowing this, I didn't start my antibiotics in case I had to wait to have this done. But now, I'm ok. And the boys are in school right now which helps even more so I can work during the days. Receiving that answer is what started the feeling of needing to bare my testimony in the first place.

And finally, another young man in our ward whom I had in my Sunday school class got his mission call this week. Jared and I are so excited for him. I used to teach the 17 and 18 year olds in Sunday school. When I got that calling, I felt an overwhelming responsibility at teaching this. This class is one of the last Sunday school classes these Young Men have before they go on their missions. It's so important these kids learn the gospel now. I loved this class. I love the Youth anyways. I've served in Young Women's for years and loved it. So to be able to have the Young Men as well, was even better. And it's been amazing to see where these kids have ended up in their lives. Many went on missions, girls went to college, and one even became my sister-in-law (Jaimi). I taught this class for a year and a half before I was called to be Secretary again in the Primary. That was my favorite calling I've had so far. And I miss it. And every time I hear of a mission call, or other good news, the spirit is there because I'm so happy for them. And I love it.

I love blessings. I love receiving answers to prayers. It's not on our time schedule, but the Lord's. And even though it's hard at times when you feel like the answers aren't coming, when it comes on Heavenly Father's time, receiving those answers then are even better. They usually follow life lessons learned. Some we may not ever want to go through again, but that makes receiving the answer even better. I love the gospel. That in itself, is a blessing.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hooking Up the Fjords...

Clare has these cool horses at his house right now. They are called "Fjords" and are from Norway. They look like mini Draft Horses. Clare got them from someone living in Bluffdale. He's taking care of them until the owners sell them.
These horses are broke for only one thing... pulling a wagon. Jared tried last Saturday to put a saddle on them and ride with the boys, but they didn't like it very much. The horses didn't buck my boys off (phew) but they acted up and didn't know the first thing to do with someone riding by saddle. So Clare got the wagon from the owners as well. If he's going to have these horses, he might as well have some fun with them, right?!
He had Jared hook the horses up to the wagon with him. Then the pulled around the kids in the yard for a short ride to test it out.
 Aren't they good lookin' horses?! Their manes are awesome with the two different colors mixed in.
 Look how big these horses really are. Jared is 6'2". Does that give you an idea?
 Cute kids having fun.
 For our "test drive", Clare stayed in the yard driving from the house out to the barn and back.
 I think it's safe to say the kids were having fun.
 My cute Cowboy.
 Carrie enjoying a ride as well. I didn't get on this time. Someone had to take some pictures.  :)

A fun little ride around the yard. The horses did pretty well. You can tell they haven't done much of anything but eat and poop. And having the wagon was fun. It's a weird set-up with hooking the horses on but they made it work.

Fun times at Grandma & Grandpa Morse's.

Our Dream...

I finally got pictures of that favorite farm of mine. Cody and I were on our way home when I saw the hawks flying about. And since I had my camera, I pulled over as fast as I could to grab these shots.
I love this shot. I look at this every time I drive past.
 So peaceful.
The first of two hawks. I see him sitting in this tree so many times as I drive past.
It's so beautiful watching them fly around.

Love these big sprinklers.

I don't know what it is about these sprinklers that pulls me in. I love them. I guess it's the kind of life style that comes with it that I find so intoxicating. Jared and I dream of the day we can have a big farm to raise hay and cattle on.

At one time... about five years ago... this farm was up for sale. Boy I tell you, we dreamed of buying this for months. Talked about where our house would go, what kind of hay we'd raise, and such. But we didn't have 1.5 million dollars at the time.
You know... just pocket change.

Love these Western Skies. Love the snow caped mountains in the background. Love the field full of hay that's resting until spring when it can begin to grow again. Love the huge power lines in the background. Love the hawk leisurely flying about. Love the sprinklers. Love the country lifestyle.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just My Luck

Lately I've had problems with a back tooth. Let's just say I HATE anything to do with teeth and going to the dentist. I'm a baby and I'm not afraid to admit it. So I've been putting this visit off. But this morning I knew something had to be done. I woke up with a swollen cheek and lots of pain. Not fun! So I finally broke down and called my dentist.

Even though I hate going to the dentist, I love mine. Dr. Baugh is awesome! He treats everyone just like he'd want to be treated at the dentist and it shows. I'm just a big baby cause I started out with Satan as a dentist and have never forgotten that experience as a child.

They took an x-ray and I knew something was up. My dentist and his assistant stopped and studied that thing for five minutes. Not a good sign. Then I hear, "Wow, I hardly ever see this..." Another bad sign. He said my tooth is cracked. And not just cracked, but laterally cracked. Meaning the crack doesn't run up and down, it's almost fully across. Great. Seriously, if something unusual is going to happen that the doctors and dentists don't often see, it has to involve me! (Just like when I blew out my knee. Most people tear their nerve endings away with an injury like that. But not me. Mine stay in tack so I can feel every single ounce of pain. Again, my doctor says he never sees that happen. Or when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. One of them had a root connected to my jaw bone. In order to remove it they had to break part of my jaw bone. See what I mean?)

So here's the plan. No root canal. I've already had one on this particular tooth. If the crack isn't completely all the way through, they might be able to save it with a root canal. But the dentist is thinking it might be. Best thing is to just remove it. And to do that, I get to visit an Oral Surgeon and have a small surgery done. Hopefully the tooth doesn't break in half as they remove it, otherwise they have to cut into my gums to find the rest. But, like I said with my luck, it probably will. So here's to a weekend on antibiotics and worrying about the procedure. At least he checked the rest of my teeth and found no cavities, right? Can't wait til this next week's over and I'm on the mend from this.

And no more eating whole hard foods. I cracked this eating a whole almond. Granted it was an unusually hard one, but it broke it none the less. From now on I'll be chopping my almonds before hand.

Groundhog Day

Couldn't resist sharing this cute picture Cody drew at school. And the verdict this year... 6 more weeks of winter. That cute groundhog saw his shadow. Here's hoping we actually get it. I'm having snow with drawls this year.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grandpa's 100th Birthday!

Today would have been my Grandpa Kenison's 100th Birthday if he was still with us. So to celebrate, Aunt Kathy arranged a birthday party in honor of Grandpa at Chuck-A-Rama in Draper. She reserved a room and invited everyone who could come.
 This turned out a little blurry. But as you can see we had a really good turn out.

 Here's a better one.
 Sorry Jared. Caught ya chewing.

It kind of felt like a date in a way. We sat by ourselves in a booth at dinner. The kids decided we were too boring and sat with Jim & Cherie and Jamie. It was weird in a way. Felt like we were on display with the whole fam watching us cause we were child-less. Plus Jamie saying all we needed was candle lite to eat by. I told her we better not. Jared would start something on fire; probably by trying to cook it.

Once we finished eating, Aunt Kathy broke out a quiz for everyone about Grandpa.

It was fun talking about Grandpa. I was only six and a half when he passed away. I don't remember him much but I hear stories now and then from my Dad. The things I remember about him was... Never sit in his orange chair! He'd kick you out.
And, he didn't smile much. Also, he hated pictures.

Here's Grandpa's life all summed up....

Eye Color: Blue (That's where my Dad and Hunter get it from)
His Favorite Dessert: Pie  And how did he like to eat it? Whole!
His Favorite Sunday Dinner: Roast Beef and mashed potatoes (Sounds like my Dad.)
His Favorite thing on his Roast Beef: His homemade hot mustard sauce he'd make with his "Secret Herbs and Spices". (That's also what he called it. Aunt Kathy gave me the recipe. It's really hot!)
His Favorite Outdoor Pastime: Fishing
His Favorite Indoor Pastimes: Solitaire, Crossword Puzzles which he'd do 2 thick books of a week.
Where He Worked at the Time of His Retirement: Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe
How Did He Like to Sleep?: Loudly! He'd sleep on his side with one pillow under his head, one over his head, and his hand over his eyes to shut the light out. Then he'd snore away! (My cousin's said when they'd go fishing and stay over night he'd snore like crazy until a car would drive past. Then he'd stop, wait for the car to pass, then continue.)
His Favorite TV Shows: Lawrence Welk, Dallas, Bonanza, Alfred Hitchcock (which I love!), Gunsmoke, and some Star Trek.
How many Siblings He Had: seven
His Mom's Name: Mary Ellen Davies
His Dad's Name: Thomas Silvis
Where He was Raised: Talmage  (That's where my Dad was born.)

What Religious Activity He Volunteered for that was so Shocking: He and Grandma would do Sealings at the temple at 5:30 in the morning. Grandpa hated mornings. He'd never get up earlier than 9 or 10 a.m. (My Grandma was SO opposite! She was up at 4:30 every morning to start on her daily chores.)
A Couple of Callings He Held in the Church: Executive Secretary and in the High Priest Group Leadership.
How He Buttered His Bread: Thick! To say he loved butter is an understatement. If the bread was and inch thick, he'd have two inches of butter. And if there was peanut butter involved, it'd be on top of the butter and even thicker then the butter. Crazy Grandpa. Good thing they didn't know as much back then about cholesterol as they do now.
His Favorite Colors: Rust, Avocado Green and Harvest Gold. His house was decorated in these colors. Also Grandpa was color blind. When Grandma and Aunt Kathy did the laundry, they'd hang his clothes in sections and told him to take one shirt from this section, and pants from another so he'd match. He never listened. He'd come out wearing a blue shirt and green pants that didn't match. They'd tell him to go change so he'd come out with it reversed and still didn't match. Ha, ha!
Some Things He'd Cook for His Kids Growing Up: Fried potatoes and onions, and pancakes. And not the regular pancakes. He'd fill the whole cast iron skillet with batter so they'd come out two inches thick. And then plop three down on a plate and make the kids eat the whole thing. Aunt Kathy said they were nasty. He wasn't a good cook, but he sure thought he was.
Where Grandpa and Grandma met: At a Sawmill in Strawberry Valley. Grandma was a waitress there. She liked Grandpa's older brother Albert first. But ended up marrying Grandpa.
Grandpa's Favorite Hymn: O My Father (I love this one, too.) Aunt Kathy played it at his funeral. She said Grandpa had a lovely singing voice, too, and would at times sing with Aunt Kathy. But he'd never be caught singing in public!
Another Fact from his Childhood: As a Teenager, Grandpa spent a good deal of his summers herding sheep in the high country. (Loved hearing this. I love hearing about my family's country roots. Jared used to call me a city girl. But I'm completely country at heart. He quit calling me that though after I hauled my dead bull's head in the back of my truck. See, only country folk would ever do that.)

 Hunter continued to eat chicken legs throughout the night. He said he ate eleven. I believe it. He's our meat eater by far!

Me with my Dad, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Lynn. Three of Grandma and Grandpa's children. Uncle Verl snuck out before I could get a picture. We're missing 3 others as well. Aunt Wanda lives in Colorado, and Uncle Steve and Uncle Dean passed away.

Me and my cute cousin LeeAnne. She's a sweetie.

Dad ended the night by saying he had to go cause he didn't have any headlights. That was Grandpa's famous saying. Also, he'd say he'd do the dishes when it was paper plates for dinner.

I'm so blessed to come from this family. I've always felt that way. There's something different about them. Every one's so caring and always so happy to be together. There's good values, too. Hard workers. And Love. I couldn't ask for a better family. Just wished everyone lived closer so I could see them more.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!