Thursday, June 30, 2011

He Got His Forge..

Jared's been waiting to get a forge for a while now so he could start doing hot shoeing. We've been saving up and looking around for the kind he wanted (these aren't cheap!). We even made a trip to AA Callister's to buy one but they had just sold the one he wanted the day before. So the wait continued on.
Jared had an appointment with one of his long time clients to trim two horses. He went and about an hour later he called to tell me he bought a forge. Turns out this customer had the exact forge Jared wanted and traded him for the trims plus $300! He just wanted to get rid of it. What a deal!! Saved us about 5 or 6 hundred dollars! And it's almost brand new. Sweet!

Here's Jared trying it out for the first time....
My Dad happened to come over at the same time Jared was trying this out so he wanted to check it out, too. He'd never seen something like that before and got a kick out of it. He's so cute. He loves new tools and seeing how they work. (Remind you of anyone? Maybe someone by the name of T.J.? He's a lot like his Grandpa!)

Heatin' up the shoe. It's gets about 2500 degrees in there and it only takes about 2 minutes of heat before it's ready to mold.

Shaping the shoe.

Burning it into the hoof. He does this after he's trimmed up the hoof. Burning it in helps to get it almost completely flat so the shoe stays on even better.
Look how much this horse ~Scout~ leans to the side. Scout isn't much on gettin' shod. Jared used to have me hold him but I won't do that anymore. He does better when he's just tied to the truck. Jared also had me try to hold him up by pushing on his side. Won't do that either. Thought my wrists were going to break when he just leaned into me even more. Silly horse.

Jared does so good at shoeing. He hardly ever has clients whose horses have thrown a shoe. And when they do it's usually the owners fault cause they waited too long to have them shod so it breaks the hoof up and he can't get a good nail to hold in there.

My cute farrier.

Hunter's Last Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe it's Hunter's last day of kindergarten. It seems this year has flown by. Hunter was having a hard time realizing it was over. He loves his teacher ~ Mrs. Tenney ~ so much and didn't want to leave her. Before school started we took a little present to her.
Hunter signed the thank you card for her.

Isn't that the cutest!

One of Hunter's last times walking through those doors as a kindergartener. 

Hunter giving Mrs. Tenney her present. I found the cut out wood at the wood connection, painted it and added the vinyl saying "teachers change the world one child at a time". This saying fits her perfectly. She was the best kindergarten teacher we've had. She was always sweet to the kids and showed them she cared. We are sure going to miss her. 
Mrs. Tenney told Hunter she should be giving him a present instead because he was her best student this year. He was a great example to the others, always did what he was asked, and was always happy and a good friend. She was almost crying when she said this. 
Hunter is going to miss her so much. When he came home from his last day of school, he was really quiet. He pulled out the fun memory books she made them and as he looked at them he'd say, "Oh, it's the rainbow song." Or, "Oh, it's the leaf poem." He was almost crying as he looked through these. 
Hunter wants to be a school teacher someday because of her. He's played school almost everyday for the last 6 months with the extra papers she'd send home with him. I'm so glad his 1st grade class is just down a couple rooms down from Mrs. Tenney. He wants to still visit her after school. He'll probably still bring home her papers to play school with.
I can't believe my baby is moving onto 1st grade. It's been an emotional couple days around here between me and Hunter. I know he's excited to eat lunch at school though so sometimes moving on isn't always so bad.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Trevor and Jaimi's Wedding!!

Trevor and Jaimi got married today!! I can't believe how fast this day came. It seemed when they got engaged back in February we'd have all this time before the wedding to prepare, but it came fast! It was an awesome day! Everything went perfect, it was good weather, and everyone was happy (which is really good since my boys seem to hate weddings). Here's all the fun pictures from an awesome day...
My cute boys sitting outside the Bountiful Temple where Jaimi and Trevor got married. We had to go extra early because Jared was Trevor's escort so we had to arrive at the temple by 8:15 a.m. The ceremony started at 9:15. The ceremony was awesome! One of my very favorite parts of going to the temple is being able to see these sealings take place. 

While we were in there, Cody, Hunter and their cousin Jordynn made Trevor and Jaimi a cute note that congratulated them on their wedding and had drawn flowers and pictures all over. They were drawn on sticky notes and then stuck them together.

Jared being his typical self. He's so fun!

Waiting for Jaimi and Trevor to come out. They took forever.

Here they are!!!

My cute boys with Trevor and their new aunt Jaimi!!
Trevor's side of the family.

Trevor with Carrie and Clare. (Jared's and Trevor's parents)
My cute Cody.

Love this picture.

For the luncheon they just wanted the adults there. So our boys went to Grandma's house and hung out with Lexie, Brooke, and Kai. We stopped and got them Arby's and they hung out and watched 'How To Train A Dragon'.
Carrie, Heather and Teegan before the luncheon started. Teegan was Trevor's Best Man. Trevor has been like a dad to Teegan.

Justin. He couldn't wait for dessert. Carrie went to Schmidt's Bakery for dessert. Yummy!

Trevor and Jaimi in their aprons her mom made them so they wouldn't spill. Trevor loves Elvis.

Our table where Jared and I sat. Good company. Never a dull moment with Justin there.

During the luncheon Clare invited anyone who wanted to say a few words to come up. Grandma Butterfield was so cute. She kept calling Trevor Jared.
Getting ready for the reception. Pinning the boutonniere on Teeg.

Jared showing Justin how to tie his tie.
I think he did a pretty good job, don't you?! Hahaha!

I like this picture of those two.

Family pictures. Sorry these aren't the best. Had someone take them for me.

Reception time.

T.J. signing the scrapbook pages I made.

Jared and Clare with our good friend Tony Mascaro. He's one of the three brothers who originally owned the Circle J Rodeo Company (Jimmy and Johnny are his brothers.) Jared and Clare love Tony and miss seeing him every weekend with either rodeo or going for coffee (Clare's thing). 

Hunter loved the dessert they served. It was a strawberry sauce they served over vanilla ice cream with cut up fruit on top. The a chocolate cinnamon bear and two vanilla wafers on the side. It was so good!

The boys got bored at the reception so they found a separate room and played rodeo.

T.J. being bored. At 6:oo -when the reception was just starting - he was already asking if I could just take him home. He's not much on weddings. Too long of a day for him.

Cody playing rodeo.

reception line. My brother Jim and Cherie and her parents are going through.

My mom with Clare and Carrie.

Hunter found Oaklie to run around with.

Jared and I. I loved the colors for the wedding. All the sisters had to wear brown dresses. I was excited to hear that but trying to find a brown dress in spring is so difficult! I found a brown skirt after about a month of looking, and then a top about another month later. Finally some brown shoes 2 weeks before the wedding. A little stressful finding it but I loved my dress. Jared looked really nice that night.

Cutting the cake.

The bottom two layers were made of rice krispies treats. Jaimi's sister Sara made her cake. It was her second time trying one. She did a great job.

Trevor dancing with Carrie.
Jaimi dancing with her dad. They only had these two dances.

Throwing the bouquet. Her sister Melanie caught it.
Trevor going after the garter. Jaimi's brother Joey caught it.

Leaving the reception. Everyone blew bubbles at them.

Looks like trouble.

Somehow pizza showed up at the reception and somehow these boys got a hold of it. Shouldn't be surprised.

Jared's job after the reception was to take all the fish home. They had goldfish in vases as part of the table centerpiece. We took 30 fish home. 14 of them died that night. We put them in our horse trough. We do this every year with fish. We have one fish we've had for 5 years in there. The rest of the goldfish minus one died about a week later after we forgot to fill up the water trough. Oops! But that one 5 year old and another one who's 3 made it.
Jared and his Dad.

My shoes for the wedding. I had so many compliments on them. I think they are cute, too. But oh my gosh did they kill my feet!!! I've never had a pair so bad in my life. And I even wore them around the house with socks on trying to break them in. But it wouldn't be a wedding without a pair of horribly uncomfortable cute shoes, right?

I can't believe Trevor's married. He was only 12 when I started dating Jared and was 13 when we got married. He's been like a little brother to me. I love hanging out with Trevor and Jared. They are some of the funniest guys together. I do nothing but laugh with them. I'm excited Trevor is so happy. We wish them all the best!