Saturday, September 24, 2016

One year.
One year ago today (Sept. 24th), our lives forever changed. One year ago Jared's tumor was discovered and he was rushed into emergency surgery to save his life from a tumor that completely blocked his small intestine. A desmoid tumor that is still in him because of the location and the risks of bleeding out in order to remove it. It's been one year of recoveries from major surgery to redirect his intestines around the tumor, sepsis, infection after infection inside the tumor because of the biopsies and the "communication" between the tumor and his colon due to the fistula connecting it, 18 days in the hospital the first month, biopsies, 2 PICC lines, chemo pill for six months, tumor growing, 28 radiation treatments, and now, one year later, bleeding internally from the radiation. Since August 18th, he's spent 14 days in the hospital with bleeding, 8 blood transfusions, and is now starting one month of feedings through IV only to hopefully stop the bleeding once and for all by giving his intestines a rest. On this year mark, we are still in the hospital. It's been a long year, yet it's been a super crazy, fast whirlwind at the same time.
But the blessings we have seen, the prayers we have felt that have lifted us in ways we cannot explain, our testimonies that have grown, and the closeness we have felt as our little family has gone through this is something we could not have learned in any other way. I know God is mindful of us. He has a plan. It is not an easy plan, but it will bring us back to Him if we take these trials and do our best with them. When we face these trials with faith and hope and still look for the good in life, He makes up the difference. He carries us. I am so thankful to all of you who have prayed and fasted for Jared and for our family. These prayers do not go unnoticed. We have felt them everyday since this whole thing started September 24, 2015 at 12:25 p.m.. And thank you for the countless ways you have served us. We pray for you all to be as blessed as we have felt.
Now on to year two. May it bring a better year for Jared with good health and strength.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hunter: "Mom, where's your impendix?"
Me: (chuckling) "Do you mean your appendix?"
Hunter: "Ya."
Me: "Do you have pains? Show me where first and I'll tell you."
He points to the very front of his belly and then tells me it started right after I made him eat some soup he hates.
I showed him where his appendix is and told him he should be ok and to take it easy.

I love it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cody: "I'm lucky."
Me: "Why?"
Cody: "Because with how old you are, you are still nice. Old people are usually mean, but you are still nice."
Me (laughing!): "Ha ha! Well, thanks Cody!"

He always cracks me up!
He has been the sweetest kid to me on my birthday this year. He text me happy birthday right at 6:30 this morning when his alarm went off. Then more through the day. Lots of hugs later on and then a sweet, thoughtful present from him - 90 tulip bulbs and mint truffles from Costco. My favorite!!
Love that kid!!!