Saturday, February 9, 2013

Living With Boys

I thought I'd be at a point in my life where it would be hard to surprise me. Where things that boys come up with didn't have as much shock behind them as they used to. I mean, I've lived with my husband now for 12 and a half years, had three boys of my own, and have had many of their friends who are all boys over as well. Being the only girl surrounded by boys, I thought I'd adjusted well to expecting the typical "Boy" around here. But there was another shocking "I can't believe he did that!" moment again around here today.

The closet in our living room where we keep all our coats, and sports equipment has had a funny smell lately. I was thinking we had a mouse die in there, or something like that. So finally I talked Jared into cleaning it out with me. (If there is a dead mouse, he is the one pulling stuff out and discovering it, not me! That's just gross!!) So he pulled everything out, and we didn't find a thing. I knew I wasn't crazy. Something was smelling in there. But what?!

After vacuuming it out, de-junking some of the old coats and equipment, we got it all organized again. But I still wondered what that smell was.

About an hour after putting it all back together, I noticed a vest was still out that was covered in mud. So I grabbed it, started cleaning out the pockets so I could throw it in the washer, and ended up pulling out a zip lock baggie with some mushy stuff in it. Immediately I recognized the horrible smell. And I mean HORRIBLE!! It about made me puke it was so bad. I started asking the boys who wore this vest last and what the heck had they put in the pocket. T.J. knew immediately and told me.

It was bait from when Cody went craw-dad fishing with Teegan down at the canal back in November.

Oh my gosh!!

Not only was it bait, there were cooked egg yolks in there he tried using.

It was horrible!! Cody immediately went on defense mode. Saying that because T.J. had thrown mud all over the vest, and then it somehow got hung back up in the closet, he forgot to clean out the pockets. I had to laugh at the same moment I was ready to puke. It was awful! We got that out to the garbage as fast as we could.

Once again I'm shocked at what happens around here in a house full of boys.

Heaven help me.

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