Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The First Result

This morning Cody and I arrived back at the hospital at 8:00 am for another blood draw to finish out his series of tests. He was not looking forward to this one. After being poked over and over yesterday unsuccessfully, he just wanted this part to be over with. Ya can't blame the poor kid.

Luckily, it went well today. So well that we were in and out in about 20 minutes. They were able to find a good vein right off and get it done. Cody held my hand this time as they stuck him. He looked like he wanted to cry, but was strong. I, of course, snapped a picture before it was over. I have a problem with that, I know.

The phlebotomist told us more of what kind of tests were being ordered. A bunch of allergy tests, blood cell counts for the arthritis, and Epstein Bar test, and a test to show if there was abdominal swelling. I'm not sure what that last one is for, but we'll see. Again, results will take about a week.

Around 3:45 I got the call on his x-ray. They said everything looked completely normal. Phew!! I was so relieved to hear this. My Dad was there when I got the call so I immediately told him. He stopped by today for two reasons - first, to see if we knew anymore on Cody. And second - to check out our flooding from Saturday night and make sure our basement was OK. He loves us and is always worried about us. Makes me feel good.

(And yes, I still need to post about the ditch flooding over Saturday night and flooded our place out back real bad. Luckily it didn't flood our basement yet. But somewhere under ground are hundreds of gallons of water. The ground is still squishy out back. We're hoping we don't end up with a huge sink hole somewhere, or the basement filling up.)

So for now, we sit tight and wait on blood tests results and start his asthma pills and inhaler that was prescribed. We picked those up tonight. Yesterday I received a call from the pharmacists saying the meds would be $230. But after they talked to the doc and got off brand names, we were in it About $9.47. A small blessing in life, but a big one in another way.


  1. wow Jenn! so much patience hu? You are amazing. Thanks for sharing your family with me.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I sure love and miss you.