Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cody Caught the Bug, Too

Cody was asked to bring a story about one of his ancestors for Sunday School today. I gave him my book that Mom and Uncle Ron put together and he found an ancestor he wanted to talk on - Aunt Mame. After class he told me he has to teach the lesson on how to do family history next week. I asked him if he knows how and he said no but that they gave him a couple websites to look up. After church he told me he created an account on one of the websites. He then told me how much he really likes family history and wants to start doing it.


He was so sincere. He said again he really likes it. I told him there's a special feeling with family history and he said he knows, he can feel it, too.

The Spirit of Elijah.

I love it!!!!!!!!

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