Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Football Time!

We just got back from signing T.J. up for FOOTBALL! I can't believe he's old enough to play. It seems like it was just yesterday when we told T.J. "only 3 more years until you can play." Jared wanted him to wait until he was 10 to start. When they are too young, they just get hurt. Well, in 2 weeks, T.J. will be 10. He made it.
Doesn't he look so cute! And so old!! After we registered (which costs an arm and a leg! Thank goodness it included the jersey, pads and helmet.), he got fitted for his helmet, pads, and pants. He said first thing that those shoulder pads make him sweat. Just you wait little buddy!

We got the boys all jerseys to wear to the games and I got a hoodie. T.J.'s practice jersey number is 67. When Jared played in pee wee league he also had the number 67. Cody is number 7 (like John Elway) and Hunter liked 16. Hunter was the only one who got a purple jersey. T.J. wasn't too happy about playing for Riverton because their colors are purple and black. He'd much rather play for Bingham like Jared did and wear blue. But, we go where we go.

I can't believe T.J. is old enough to do this. I was never into football when I met Jared but slowly it's growing on me. I always said I'd learn the game when T.J. plays. Guess that time has come. I was having major anxiety signing him up. I feel like this is a huge step in his life. The beginning of a possible career maybe. T.J. loves football almost as much as Jared. And that's huge! It will be fun to see where this takes T.J.. It was crazy reading all the fine print and signing a release so he can be treated by medical professions... even surgeons if need be. There's the other part of my anxiety with this. I pray he never gets hurt bad enough for that, but it is football. Hopefully his large size will help. He's going to play lineman because of his weight and size. I think he'll do good. We've been practicing running and sprinting at the park the last few weeks, trying to get him ready for those long, grueling practices. Tryouts start Aug. 1st and then it's good bye to our fall days cause you know what we'll be doing most of the week. That's right... FOOTBALL!

P.S.... We almost had Cody playing this year, too. I know he's only 8 but he's the same size as T.J. and we want him to get into sports more. He's a little unsure this year though. Cody has a hard time trying something new. So this next year we want him to work with Jared and T.J. learning techniques and such and then try next year. When one of the coaches saw Cody and found out he wasn't signing up he begged Cody to change his mind. Said they need big kids like him for his age. There's no doubt Cody would be out there knocking everyone over. He already does that with me. That made Cody feel good, but still nervous. Maybe next year.

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