Saturday, July 16, 2011

Learning to barefoot trim...

Jared started teaching T.J. how to barefoot trim today. He wants these kids to learn early how to really take care of their horse. First he showed T.J. how to pick up the horses foot and get into place.

Jared just got that new stand 2 days ago. It's more comfortable on the horses foot to rest it on there then to have it held up in between Jared's legs. Plus it doesn't kill Jared's back, which is a good thing.

T.J. started out by cleaning out the hoofs. Cody held the horse.

After Jared did the clipping and cutting, he showed T.J. how to rasp.

Jared finishing up the last hoof. It's so funny to see the horse laying his foot on the new stand. It looks like he's getting a big pedicure cause he seems so relaxed.

All finished.

Afterwards Cody walked Tabasco around the yard for only a minute. After you barefoot trim you can't ride for 24 hours because their foot is a bit sore. Cody wanted so bad to take Tabasco on a walk. He loves animals and loves to take care of them.
T.J. did really good for his first time. He didn't clip or work on the angles yet but that will come with time. It's crazy how big these boys are getting.

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  1. I love the pictures. Great deal on your treadmill. I love my treadmill. Cute family.