Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the Mind of a Child...

We went to dinner with my family for Jamie's birthday to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. While we were waiting for Jim and Cherie to come, we noticed there were 3x5 index cards available with crayons to draw pictures to hang up on the wall. 
So once the boys table, including Jared and John, finished eating, they set to drawing pictures. Here's what Hunter surprised us with..                                                                                                                 
A story of Jesus' Life. (Narrated by Hunter himself.)
"There's no room at the Inn!"

"Jesus is born. See the bright star?"

"There's baby Jesus."

"The shepherds with their dog."

"Jesus growing up."

(Hunter with a huge smile on his face as he shows me this.)

How cute is that?!

He made sure everyone saw these.

Love that last one... "Jesus Christ Rocks."

All in the mind of a seven year old.


  1. Love the story, it takes a REAL farm boy to understand that any shepherd is going to have a good sheep dog at his field. Love this.