Saturday, May 26, 2012

So Long Ol' Buddy...

I just attended a funeral for one of Cody's toads, a.k.a. "Chicken Noodle". Cody's had these toads for just over four years now. They are called fire bellied toads because of the neon coloring on their stomach. His are bright orange with black webbing throughout. They are really neat. Jared had some when he was younger and always wanted our kids to have some. So four years Cody got two toads. He named them "Chicken Noodle" and "Freckles".

It was fun to watch them over the years. At times we'd walk in their bedroom and find the toads climbing up the wall of their aquarium. That's when you can really see their color. They have been so easy to take care of. Just make sure they have water and feed them crickets a couple times a week and that's it.

Lately though we haven't been feeding them as often. And when we did, "Freckles" took all the food. At times we'd find "Freckles" trying to eat "Chicken Noodle". I knew "Chicken Noodles" time was coming to a close. He was getting so skinny and couldn't jump like he used to. And with "Piggy", a.k.a. "Freckles", hogging all the food, there wasn't much we could do for him.

And so his time came. I found him the other night as the boys were going to bed. He was lying on his back, with his front legs crossed over his body like arms, and his legs lying outward, bending at the knees of course. He looked like he just lied down and died. Poor thing.

Cody buried him out by the chicks. Hunter and I attended the funeral. We sang "Taps" as he put the dirt over him, and then ended with a moment of silence. Despite this coming from the death of our friend, it was cute to watch my boys as we had a funeral for our toad. We kind of laughed together as we sang "Taps". It's funny to have a funeral over such a small thing as loosing a toad.

So long ol' friend. We'll miss ya but will be getting another one to take your place soon. "Freckles" is lonely now that you're gone. Maybe he should have thought about this before he stole your food and then tried eating you.

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