Friday, October 12, 2012

The Little Stinker

Hunter cracks me up! Everyday I'm amazed at what this kid comes up with. Just once I'd like to get inside of his head to see how he views his 7-year-old world he lives in. Here's the newest thing I caught him doing this morning...

Hunter woke up at 6:20 this morning. He's had a stomach ache lately and woke up with it.

At 6:45 he finally got up. And seeing as it was still completely dark, he thought it was still night time but wanted to stay up anyways. So we put in Spongebob and he watched it for about an hour, while ordering me around with bringing him drinks, cereal, and such. (He was on his high horse this morning, that's for sure!)

Around 7:30, as it was starting to get light, he realized it was finally morning and decided he needed to put his socks on to get ready for the day. I looked down at him right as I caught him pulling out a pair of dirty socks from underneath the pillowed cushions of the couch, and then put them on. I was shocked, and started laughing. He told me he keeps his socks in there all the time. It's a lot easier, I guess, then to have to walk into his room and pull them out of his drawer.  What a little stinker!

I had to laugh. Then he had me look at his socks that he'd just put on and asked if they looked weird. He had one pulled all the way up, and one bunched down. He said, "I look like Moore's Dad." I laughed so hard. On T.J.'s team there's a Dad who has to wear a special circulation sock to help with medical issues on one leg. Apparently Hunter noticed this, and of course it bugges him, so he mimicked it. I wasn't laughing at the Dad's circumstance. Just the fact that my 7 year old noticed and decided to be him this morning.

I tell ya. I'm going to have a run for my money with this kid. I can't believe his sense of humor, the things he notices, and does.

And this whole sock thing. Who knows where else he hides his socks. It's no wonder I have to buy him a new bag of socks about every other month.

Once Cody and T.J. got up this morning, Hunter couldn't wait to tell them he'd been up since last night. (In reality, he'd been up two and a half hours.) Lol!

That kid.

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