Friday, August 17, 2012

The Embarrassing Second Day...

You know how normal kids are usually hoping their parents don't end up at school one day, doing something that completely embarrasses them?! Well instead of the kid being embarrassed today, it was his Mom. Here's the scoop...

It's my second day of working at the school. Today we're subbing in the classrooms teaching "Meet the Masters" art program. During the first part of the class, I'm in a room along with another aid, watching her as she teaches our two classes about the famous artist. Then we split and I take my class into their room so we can work on our art project. This time I have Hunter's class. He is so excited to have his Mom as a substitute teacher on Fridays, and then a regular helper in class the other days. Of course, he can't hold still for long today because of this.

So I'm explaining to the class how to draw something in a box that represents the word "dented". I explain they can draw a car that was just in an accident and received a dent from it. Or they can pretend they threw something at a wall, and put a big dent in it. Then I said, "Hunter's Dad once made a huge dent in our wall at home when he bumped something into it, and guess who had to fix it? Me!" The kids laughed. Hunter immediately piped up with, "Ya and guess what he did to my Mom... shot her in the butt with a blow dart gun!"

Let's just say I changed the subject as fast as I could despite the enormous bout of laughter that erupted.

I think this is going to be a fun, but interesting year. I'm so excited though to work in Hunter's class every day!

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