Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Emotional day today. Here's the jest...

1. Went to the river bottoms with Jared to go biking again. Trying to get ready for youth conference and the 20+ mile bike ride. Have only had 4 weeks to prepare for this. I now ride from 14400 So. to 12300 So.. Round trip it's about 9 miles. There's a huge hill that sits almost in the middle of this ride. Last week I conquered the slightly easier side. And today I conquered the devil's side. Let's just say it's tall and steep! I didn't think I could do it. Major wind today and I rode into it to go up this hill. But once I reached the rocks where I usually stop, I kept going. And I counted how many times my feet had to turn the pedals around before reaching the top. 47 times. Plus Jared was coming up the other side and I wanted him to see me accomplish this. By the time I reached the top, I was shaking SO bad! But I did it!!!!

Big accomplishment. Especially with only 4 weeks training. that alone makes me emotional.

2. But the down fall to my big accomplishment... As soon as we got home and I walked my bike to the garage, I knew something was not right with my right knee. The knee I severally blew out 5 years ago. It felt completely out of place inside and wouldn't pop when I'd bend it. Sometimes that resets it. But it wouldn't. It just kept making a weird popping noise. Later on it hurt to sit at a chair, or stand. Ugh! I thought I was through this major pain after exercising or doing therapy. I was so not happy. It took me literally three years to get to a point of not having pain on a daily basis. But as of tonight, it's a little bit better. Plus, my left knee is hurting as well. Not as bad as my right, but hopefully that's a good sign. Here's hoping it's not torn.

3. I got a phone call from my Dad. He asked if I'd heard about my Aunt Colleen. Immediately I knew something was wrong. He said she's not doing good. She's been in the hospital for a few days and wasn't feeling good, so they checked her out more. Her kidney's are shutting down. Aunt Kathy said it won't be long so if anyone would like to go see her, it better be soon.

One part of me is happy for her though. My Uncle Steve passed away two and a half years ago. She had a really hard time with this, as most people would. But their relationship was different. They are both handicapped. My Uncle fell from the loft of a barn when he was 6 years old and landed on his head on the cement, which left him mentally handicapped. He wasn't expected to live past the age of thirteen, but he made it to 66. And Aunt Colleen was born mostly deaf, but her family didn't know it at the time until she was older. They struggled to make ends meet and raise their two kids, but they did it. And they were side by side their entire marriage. So I'm so happy they will be together again, and be blessed with perfect bodies that they didn't have in this life. But I will miss her. She was always so sweet and caring. And always smiling.

4. I signed up for school today. Finally. I've been meaning to do that for the past month, but hadn't done it yet. I'm excited to do this in my life, but very worried about the time it will take me away from my family and the extra stress it's going to bring. I've been very excited to start school again, but right now, I'm terrified.

5. T.J. went to Young Men's for the first time tonight. Technically he's not 12 until the 21st, but he's going on a week long scout camp with them next week and tonight was their planning meeting. And when he gets back, he'll turn 12 the next day. So tonight is the first of Young Men's activities for us for the next 10 years. I cannot believe this time has already come.

So there's my day. There's been a lot of good, but there's also been the hard moments.

I'm glad it's over without crying much.

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