Monday, August 1, 2011

Sometimes I don't understand....

Sometimes life throws curve balls that I wish I could throw back. And sometimes those curve balls are results of other peoples choices. I had one of those curve balls today. This morning Jared and I ran errands together. He didn't have appointments this morning (which worked out well because it was pouring!) so we finished getting things for T.J. to start football tryouts tonight, got my ring back from finally having it fixed! (apparently it's a good idea to take that off before using Dad's belt sander cause it might just sand the prong's down - oops!), and so on. Then Dad called.

He told me my brother was in jail again up in Park City and we needed to get up there and pick up his truck before it got impounded. Wasn't really expecting this call today but for some reason I knew it was coming soon. A warrant for his arrest was issued and he was picked up this morning. He'll spend about a week up there then be transferred to Salt Lake for probably a month.

Sometimes I don't understand why people make the choices they do in life. I don't understand why someone would want to drink, or smoke, or do drugs that could cost them their life or land them in the same spot he's in now. I've never understood it and I never will. I know we all have our free agency and I have to respect that, but I will never understand why some choose to do these things. Especially when they've seen what it does to their lives. My brother's been in jail before from these kinds of choices. He's seen that his "friends" who are there to party with this kind of stuff aren't there when he's in jail from it. I don't understand why he keeps going back to them when it's the family that has to pick up the slack of these choices. He can't see how his choices affect the lives of others. It's really hard to tell my boys their uncle is in jail and why. But at the same time, this is also a good teaching moment for us. A good teaching moment about having good friends in our lives, about keeping the word of wisdom and keeping our bodies healthy. And a good lesson in making the right choices in our life so we can be happy.

I guess a good highlight though from all this is it's fun to go with my dad to rescue his truck. We had to do this last year with him, my mom, Jared and my boys. And this time it was just me and my dad. He jokes with me that we need to stop doing these kinds of trips (which we really do!) but it's also fun to talk as we drive up the canyon together and laugh. I love my dad. He's been so good to us and is always there when anyone needs something. So despite the circumstances of the spontaneous day trip we had, we still had fun together. All we can do is be there for my brother and show him good people care about him. Hopefully one day he will see this and want a better life for himself.

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