Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cody's Point of View

We bought my nephew Teegan an 8 inch survival knife that includes matches, compass, etc. for Christmas. Your basic survival needs if something were to ever happen. Let's just say when T.J. and Cody saw this, they immediately said they also needed one. Here's my conversation with Cody tonight as he was explaining why he needs one of these knives....

Cody: "I really want a knife like Teegan's for Christmas."
Me: "I can see you cutting your hand off with one of those."
Cody: "It has an 8 inch blade."
Me: "See why I can see you cutting your hand off with it."
Cody: "But I'm going to need it when I get lost in the mountains. It has matches with it, too."
Me: "Um, that better not ever happen."
Cody: "See why I need that knife."

Good point.

(Secretly we are getting T.J. and Cody that knife. I just had to throw him off a bit. Hee... hee!)

Thanks for that laugh Cody. That just made my whole day.

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