Saturday, June 16, 2012

Here We Go Again

I cannot believe I'm writing about this again. I thought we were done! Cody woke up this morning and even before he got out of bed was in extreme pain in his right ankle. I was hoping he just sprained it jumping on the tramp last night, or twisted it while he was playing in the irrigation water at his friends, but as our luck goes lately, it's not from that. Cody's in so much pain right now he's crying. And he's walking like he did a few months ago when this all started.

I think his reaction from strep is back.

It makes me mad just writing this.

I honestly thought he was done with this. It's been almost two months exactly since he's had any claritin and he's done great. I have noticed him limping a tiny bit the last couple weeks, but he says he doesn't hurt, and that it's just from his boots being uncomfortable. In the back of my mind I've had a feeling to take him in to the doctor and be checked for strep just to make sure it isn't coming back. Guess we're heading there Monday. I don't want to go to any other doctor but his own given he knows Cody's whole medical history with this. Until then, Cody's back on Claritin and Advil. He's not happy, and neither am I.

Jared and I leave Wednesday for Trek. Cody is so nervous about this and so am I now, too. And with how much needs to get done between now and Tuesday night when everything has to be packed and put into the trailer, I don't have time for this. Not to mention the stress it brings now. Ugh... I'm ready for Trek to be over with. As much as I am excited to go on it, I am ready for our life of chaos to be done. In our last meeting for Trek this past Sunday, the stake was saying they know how our lives have been turned upside down these last few months. Satan does not want any of us going on Trek and knows it can be a life changing experience for everyone, especially the youth, so he's trying everything to stop us from going. That right there tells you how awesome Trek is. We've felt Satan trying to work us. There's been moments of doubt wondering if I'm really going on this thing. But guess what?! I AM. I'll do everything I can to help Cody, and then turn it over to the Lord. Satan is  not going to win with me. It's amazing to look back and see how much he's been trying to work on everyone. Even our bishop is getting it. His other shop in No. Salt Lake caught fire Thursday. The minute I heard this, I thought "because it's time for Trek".

I know things will work out in the end. Carrie will take good care of him for us while we are gone. Just wish I knew when Cody will officially be "cured" from this weird reactive arthritis from strep.

Poor kid.

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  1. Don't give up mama! Your kids will be blessed for your service. It will all work out!