Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Unexpected Job

Today I got a call from the school saying Cody wasn't feeling good. His throat and his stomach hurt. (I was really hoping he didn't have strep again! Grandma Morse has been really sick with strep - we think. She hasn't gone into the doctor to confirm.) So I headed to the school.

I do the normal thing. Walk in, talk to the receptionist, and sign him out. In the mean time, I hear Stephanie - the head secretary - call my name, and then appear right next to me. I thought, "Um, something must be wrong." But it was a good surprise instead. She said there was an opening to be an aid there and if I wanted the job, it was mine.


I was shocked! She said one of the teachers mentioned to her I'd be interested since I'd already asked Mrs. Wilcox (who is in our ward, plus Cody had her as a teacher, and is one of the best teachers there!) about maybe getting on as an aid. At that time, which was about 3 weeks ago, the only opening was to be a computer teacher. i laughed at that job offer. Me... a computer teacher?! I'd have all the computers broken or seriously defective if I tried to do that. So I kind of forgot about getting on this year as an aid and decided after football season, I'd check into a company where you work from home.

But apparently, one of the aids hired didn't work out, so if I wanted the job, it was mine. It would be everyday from 9:30 to 12:30 and I'd be on A track. Of course I wanted the job! A chance to work and help out with money while being able to track off with my boys so I can be home with them while they are home? Yes!!

So here's the details of my job... I'm called a Power Hour Aid. I work with 1st through 3rd grades helping students who need help in reading. Sometimes I'd be running teacher errands and such, and sometimes I might be on recess duty. Fridays I teach and art class. Teachers now have a mandatory class every Friday for an hour or so, so while they are gone, I will go into classes and teach art. How cool is that?! I absolutely love art!

The only draw back was I had to call Cherie and tell her I wouldn't be able to watch Blakeley all day anymore. And of course, it's her birthday so I had to give her this news that I was quiting, on a day like today for her. But she was so good about it. She told me I need to do what's best for my family first and that she was happy for me. I told her I wouldn't mind taking Blakeley after my shift until she's done with work, if that helps the new person who's lucky enough to watch her. Although it's hard to go back to the baby stage after not having babies for 7 years, I'm going to miss it. Blakeley is so sweet and has been so fun to have around for my boys. They got to experience a little of what it might be like to have a sister.

So, my days of being a stay at home mom are coming to an end. I went into the district and filled out my application, and once orientation and finger printing is done sometime next week, I start back to work. It's been just over 11 years since I've really worked. Yes, I've done little things here and there at home, and I will still do Mary Kay, but now I also have a little job that gets me out everyday but allows me to still be Mom. It's on a year to year basis right now. If the school gets the grant, I'll probably stay on. If not, I'll count my blessings that this little job came at a time we need it.

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  1. That is great Jenny! It also sounds like a lot of fun!