Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Patriotic Boys

I love living in America. I love the freedoms we have here. Free to choose for ourselves. Free to practice our religions, and so on. I love the land here. Especially where we live, being surrounded with beautiful, tall mountains, lakes, and big western skies with gorgeous sunsets. And I love our flag. Especially being at a rodeo as they run the American Flag around at the start of a rodeo. It's very humbling and yet a very prideful moment for me. One of my favorite things to see is our American Flag blowing in the wind.

So to see our boys taking on the prideful spirit of being an American is awesome. For the last 3 years, Jared has been Young Men's President in our ward. And during certain months of the year, his group is in charge of taking the flag down at our church once all the meetings are over. Well, as it sometimes goes, there aren't always young men there to help. That's when Jared has our boys come to help him. He's taught them how to lower the flag and grab it before it touches the ground, and then fold it neatly so it ends in the triangular shape before returning it inside the church. It's been a good learning experience for them. At times we are taking it down after dark, on our way home from Granny's house, but since our time change with our meetings this year, it's been directly after church. The sweetest moment was three weeks ago, as I was walking out of our building, I turned and saw Jared-all dressed in his suit, with T.J. and Cody- who were also in their nice church clothes (wranglers and cowboy button-up shirts) taking the flag down. They seemed very still and quiet, Jared only speaking as he reminded them what to do, all three showing respect as they did it. I wish so bad I had taken my camera to church with me just so I could capture that moment. Cause you know with boys, there is hardly a quiet moment to find. But this time there was. It was like time stood still as I and a couple others in our ward watched on. Once they were finished, they turned and walked towards the church, Jared holding the flag in his hands. Then Hunter who had been playing down on the hill, saw they were done and ran towards the church, bring the everyday noise of a boy back with him. It was one of those moments that a Mom will never forget. And as an American, will never be more proud of.

Then there was this morning. Jared turned on the Olympics. It's the last day of the London 2012 Olympics. The U.S. men's basketball team had just received the gold medal and they began playing the National Anthem. Hunter sang right along with it, only stumbling over a few words. I was so impressed! He's only 7, and yet sang almost word for word our National Anthem. He had a big smile on his face as he finished, because he knew I was watching and was very proud of him at that moment.

Again, it made me smile to see how much American Pride our boys have.

And so, I will end this post with one thing. One of my very favorite pictures I have of our boys. This was taken at the Cedar Fort Rodeo 3 years ago as they were running the flag around the arena at the start of the rodeo. Look at the respect they have showing in their faces.

I'm so proud of these boys.

And so thankful to live in America.

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