Monday, October 17, 2011

Boys Being Men

Cody's been on a kick lately. He's been doing his hair all by himself. Our boys hate doing their hair so this was unusual for Cody. He'd get it all wet and them comb it down all over. It layed down flat all over and looked like he had bangs, but he liked it. He'd do his hair about 3 times a day.

Pretty soon he started spraying Jared's cologne on him as well so he could be like Dad. He'd ask me to smell him, all proud of himself.

Hunter saw this and decided he wanted to do it, too. He sprayed some cologne on and came out singing... "Smell my chest, smell my chest, smell my chest hairs. Smells like Dad's!"

Oh my goodness. Had a good laugh at this one!

Cute boys being men.

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