Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Grandma Holt's sister Aunt Vauna Mooseman passed away last Friday. Her funeral was today. Mom and I went together.

I loved Aunt Vauna. She was always so sweet. She'd come give me hugs and ask how I was doing every time I'd see her. She was so beautiful, too! Everyone thought so. About 2 years ago she started going down hill. They thought it might be Parkinson's or Alzheimer's but it wasn't. She had dementia. She noticed something wasn't right with her brain right after she started working in the temple and had a hard time memorizing things. It was hard to see her go downhill.
Her funeral was really nice. Here's what stories they told about her:

1. She was a country/farm girl. She was there to help on the family farm in Crescent. She'd drive the team of horses as other siblings would pitch the hay onto the wagon. I miss this farm! I grew up a couple blocks from it. Uncle Jerry-Grandma's younger brother-raised acres of hay there. After Jared and I got married, he'd buy hay from Uncle Jerry. I remember going to my friend-Rashelle's house and looking through the field seeing Jared and his Dad and Brother picking up hay to sell. And Grandma's youngest brother-Uncle Ross- stabled horses at the end of our lane. I'd walk down and check on them all the time; sometimes feeding or watering if he needed me to. I miss the old farm. Now there's a Walmart and Sam's Club where the fields were. It's still hard to drive past and see this. I'll have to put pictures on here sometime of the old farm.

2. Aunt Vauna was the Queen of the Harvest Ball at Jordan High for the Fall Dance. (One of the main reasons I went to Jordan High was because so many of my family members - including my Grandma and Grandpa Holt - went there. Love the history!)

3. Aunt Vauna always kept a clean house. She was always caught up on her housework. (Wouldn't that be nice!)

4. She was closest to my Grandma Holt growing up. In fact, as we were going through the line for the viewing, Aunt Vauna's daughters told Mom and I that Roylance (my grandma) had been living at Aunt Vauna's house the last 6 months. Aunt Vauna would stand at the top of the stairs and call out saying, "Come on Roylance". And as she was passing, she was talking to her and another sister of theirs. I'm so thankful for the gospel to know as we pass from this life, we aren't alone. Family members come to bring us home.

5. She kept awesome record keeping of her life. She even wrote about her siblings and what things she remembers about them or what they did growing up together. I want to be able to say this about myself someday.

6. Her favorite place to vacation was Jackson Hole, Wyoming!! And didn't leave without a visit to the Bar J Wranglers! How cool is that! That is my absolute favorite place to go, too. And I LOVE the Bar J Wranglers!

When we got to the church we got a surprise. Uncle Brent came from Colorado! I miss him. He is so funny! It was so fun to get together with Mom and her Brothers Brent (left) and Ron (right). I miss her family. I wish we still got together. Every one's moved, and gotten busy with life, that we just don't see each other much.
I tried to talk Uncle Brent into moving back to Utah, but that didn't work.

Aunt Vauna was buried at the Crescent Cemetery by her other family members.

Although it's sad we are there for a funeral, I love seeing all the family. I'm lucky to come from great family's on both sides of my parents. Everyday I try to become a little more like both my Grandparents. Take the good, learn from it, and teach my boys a little more of where they come from. And hope we can make our ancestors proud.

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