Saturday, October 29, 2011

Haunted House

Jared and I took the boys to a haunted house for their first time tonight. I found a free one someone had made in their barn. We went with some friends from football... the Thomas's and the Browning's.

The kids left to right... Hunter, Cody, T.J., Spencer B., Andrew T., Thomas's cousin, Jenna T., & Maddie B.

Waiting in line with the parents. We had to go in groups of 4 or 5. So Jared B. took T.J., Spencer & Andrew. These football players who are supposed to be tough were scared to death! Jared B. said he had to keep pushing them through. I guess T.J. did the best out of those three.
I went with Sharon T., Jenna and Maddie. Those girls were also scared to death! Maddie held my hand the whole time and couldn't stop shaking.
Jared took Cody and Hunter and said they did good.

The entrance to the haunted house. Wish I could have got more pictures but I couldn't. It was a really good haunted house for it being free and in someone's barn. Definitely creepy!

We decided to go again. This time we found out who really got scared. Hunter freaked when he heard we were going through again. He disappeared and headed for the truck by himself.

Jared caught him though (thank goodness, we were parked on the road!).

Andrew was scared also. He's hiding with his Dad. T.J. was also scared. Started crying.

And then there's Cody... he wasn't scared at all! He's pretty tough.

I thought for sure someone would call us in with how Hunter was acting. He was going crazy trying to get away as we got closer to the entrance. He was literally clawing trying to get out of my grasp. He was pinching, kicking, trying to hit me with his head. Out of control! But we still made him go. I carried him the whole way. I swear he's gained 20 lbs. since I did that.
We made it thru though.
The Brownings went home after this one. But us and the Thomas's found another one in Riverton so we headed there. We found out though it was sponsored by Alta's baseball team and since we're playing Alta next week at playoffs, we were not supporting them. So we went to Artic Circle for ice cream instead and hung out there for an hour. The kids all had a blast. T.J. really likes Andrew and can't wait until football is over so they can play.

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