Friday, October 21, 2011

Hanging out at the Tractor Store

I love tractors! Seriously love them. Maybe that's the country girl in me, or maybe that comes from my Dad. Some of my favorite things to do with my Dad growing up was to go to a tractor store with him, or ride along side him on his backhoe, or cut grass with him on the John Deere riding lawn mower. So today when he called me and said he and my brother Jim were heading to the new John Deere store here in Bluffdale, T.J., Cody and I jumped at the chance to go with. Poor Hunter ended up getting sick so Jared stayed back with him.
I've wanted to go to this new store for a while now, so I was so happy it worked out. Jim was buying a new lawn mower so of course we had to tag along.

First thing when we walked into the store, the boys jump on the riding lawn mowers on display. Honestly, there has to be a magnet installed that connects with my boys. This happens everywhere we go!

This is like the lawn mower Jim is buying. A zero turn mower with a cutting span of about 4 feet. He's going to start a small landscaping business.

Of course we found all the John Deere toys! And they had some cool ones! We could spend so much money there. I even wanted some... hee, hee. They have a neat remote control tractor there my Dad is asking Santa for this Christmas. It's huge! See, this store brings out the kid in everyone.

T.J. back on the floor displays, figuring out the lights, caution lights, and such. Man that kid can figure out anything!

All T.J. wanted to see was a Combine Tractor. He found it, and sure enough was climbing on. He and Cody couldn't get enough of it. Lucky for them it was unlocked so they could take a spin at the controls. They were in tractor heaven. They were excited to find out Grandpa Kenison used to repair Combines and drive one around, cutting hay for neighbors when he lived up in Kamas Valley. (Back in the 70's, before he married my mom and us youngins came along.) They thought that was so cool. My Dad said he used to stop at the gas station on the corner there in Heber, grab a handful of licorice for a few pennies, and then head to another field to cut more hay. Once the licorice was gone, he'd grab a handful of wheat and chew 'til it made some gum. The boys couldn't believe you could make gum like that. Doesn't taste the best though, but it works.

See them inside checking everything out..

Since Jim bought a lawn mower, they threw in some free hats for us. See my Dad's new hat? He's so funny. He loved sportin' that around while looking at the tractors. The boys and I got a free hat, too. All baseball cap style. The boys are camo and mine is brown with pink stitching and a pink John Deere logo. Love it!!

Such a fun day! Makes me want to buy a tractor

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