Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Not So Rained Out Softball Game

I know this isn't a good picture. I took it from my phone. And seeing as I've had my phone for almost three years now, it doesn't have the latest phone technology, so we're just going to have to deal with this picture.

This was at Jared's softball game. It would have turned out better but I was sitting in the truck because it was raining. Plus, the windows were fogging up. I had to have them partly down so I could see. I wasn't about to sit with the truck running for over an hour.

I know what you're thinking, "Oh, that's why it's such a horrible picture." Yep.

If you can make it out, Jared's up to bat.

I took a chance and parked behind the field. Usually we park on the opposite end of the field, but I knew it would start raining any minute and didn't want to hike back to the truck in that, so I sat here and prayed a flying ball wouldn't hit our truck. We see that happen many times to cars who park just a few down from us.

They're game was at 9'o-clock but it didn't start until 9:35, which meant it wouldn't get over until 10:35. Way past the kids bedtime.
And mine.

Right before they're game started it started raining pretty good and was lightning. And with the wind blowing the rain around, we thought they'd cancel the game. But they didn't. So I watched the whole thing from inside here. It was cold outside, so I was a baby tonight. The kids joined me about half the time. And the other half they ran around with friends getting soaked.

It was a harder game for them. That wind made the pitching nearly impossible to throw good strikes.

Highlights of the game...
*Jim got a home run his first time up to bat. I honked the horn to cheer.
*Jared did some pitching and from what I could see, didn't have any close calls with getting smacked with the ball (Thanks goodness! That's my biggest fear!) 
*And he hit a triple his second time up to bat. First time he got walked.
*They won 15-12!
*And everyone survived the rain.

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