Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sorry Bandit

I've been keeping a secret the last few days. I've only told Jared and T.J.. I've felt so bad about it. And if word got out to Hunter, it would break his heart. So it's a good thing he fell asleep during prayers tonight and didn't hear what Cody prayed for.

As Cody was finishing his prayers tonight, he ended with, "And please bless Bandit cause she hasn't been looking so good lately." It was a sweet prayer. And all I could do was burst out laughing.

You see, Bandit is our cat. Actually she's Hunter's cat. We've had her for about 5 years now.

And on Friday I accidentally shot her.

I know, I'm a TERRIBLE person.

I can't even post this without laughing either. What's wrong with me?!

Here's the scoop on what happened Friday morning...

After waking the boys up for school, I heard the stupid rooster outside. You know, the rooster's we've been trying to kill for a couple weeks now. The stupid things have it down to a science now when we are coming after them to shoot them. So we have to take other measures to try and trick them. This morning I was trying to be sneaky and go around the house a different way, hiding behind our lilac bushes and sneak up on him.

No I wasn't in camo. Although, maybe that would help. I should make a mental note of that for next time.

Anyhoo... So I'm sneaking around and what do I see? Bandit in our garden pooping! Oh that irritates us so much. We've had it with the cats going in there after we till up the garden to get it ready for planting. So an idea comes into my head...'Shoot just underneath Bandit to scare her away from doing this again'.

Good plan, don't ya think?!

So I get into position. My pellet guns already pumped (45 times mind you. That was going to be a powerful shot from a pellet gun.). So I aim. I had it pointed two inches below her. She had no idea what was coming. And with her holding still, it was going to be a piece of cake. So I shot. Bam! She took off and ran out of the garden and that's when I noticed it. She was LIMPING! Oh I felt HORRIBLE!!! I got her in the back left leg. I realized something, that stupid pellet gun is off. I knew it had been for a while now but I didn't think it was that bad. And I had to find out just how bad on our cat. Poor Bandit!

After running out of the garden, she stopped and turned her head to look at me with that look of shock like, "I can't believe you just shot me!" Then she turned back and limped a few more feet, then turned her head again with that same sad, pathetic, shocked face full of disappointment. Oh I felt so bad! And what makes matters even worse, she's pregnant. She continued to limp towards the pile of trees we are still cleaning up from last year. She ducked down inside and didn't come back out. I tried and tried calling her but she wanted nothing to do with me. I don't blame her. You know why?

All I could do was laugh.

And laugh.

And laugh.

It was a laugh of shock at what I'd just done, but I was still laughing. And Bandit knew it. I just shot our kitty and was laughing! How horrible is that?!

I couldn't tell the boys. Hunter wouldn't be able to go to school from being so upset by it. So I just text Jared and told him. I had to tell someone!  He texts back with a response.... "Good job. T.J. will be happy." Ya, that was comforting. Thanks Jared. He hates cats. So does T.J..

I ended up telling T.J. later that day. He was happy about it, too. But I never told Hunter or Cody.

Over the weekend, I got Bandit to come out and let me pet her. Poor thing's been limping pretty good still. But she comes out to eat and laze around in the sun. She's been a pretty tough cat, so I'm hoping she'll pull through.

Jared even prayed for her tonight as well. But I think he did that to make me feel bad. Again, I laughed through that prayer. I have a problem with laughing. I laugh even when I feel bad about something.

I ended up telling Cody why I was laughing and why Bandit didn't look so good. He had the disappointed look on his face as well and shook his head at me.

I learned my lesson...

Aim more then two inches away from a cat when you are only shooting to scare it. Or, reset the gun to aim better.

So sorry Bandit.

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