Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Jared has Young Men's every Tuesday evenings. So to help me get ready for Trek, I've been trying to go to the park every Tuesday night to walk. The kids usually go with me and ride their bikes, play on the playground, or if there isn't anyone there on horses, they love to play on the rodeo grounds in the chutes.

Tonight was different though. Jared didn't have Young Men's due to the fact we have an early morning activity Saturday morning - a kick off to Trek. (And I'm talking early... we have to be to the church by 5:15 a.m. and to the temple grounds by 5:45 with all the youth.) So tonight Jared took the boys with him to lift and I went walking by myself.

I love walking and it showed tonight. I went from our house, to the park and around the trail three times, then down our road and back. A total of four and a half miles! Boo-yah! Now that's getting ready for Trek!

I love walking around here. I love that our park is two blocks away from our house. I love that the trail goes right around the rodeo grounds. I love seeing the horses being brushed down and saddled, and in the arena running. I love their smell. I love walking next to the canal full of ducks and looking across it to see fields of green grass with horses running across it. And tractors out working in the field next to them. I love the sunsets out here. These western skies have some amazing colors running through them as the sun sets behind the beautiful mountains. I love the fact that I feel safe here. It's home to me.

And I love my ipod. Listening to country music as I walk is so relaxing. There's some good songs with good beats that gets me going every time. Plus, I downloaded one of my favorite songs to listen to tonight. Eric Church's "Springsteen". Love that song! It's got a good beat to it. And I love the drums and guitars in it.

I was so excited to go that far tonight. Last week I only went three miles and my knee was feeling it. So to be able to go four and a half and not feel half as bad as last week was exciting. I topped off the night with an ab routine with the ball and weights, and then stretches. My workout lasted a total of an hour and 45 minutes. I felt so good!

(And by the next morning, it showed I'd lost a pound and a half! Guess all this extra exercise I've been doing is really paying off. )

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