Thursday, April 12, 2012

Plowing Through Life With God's Help

I love this quote from President Monson. I needed to hear this. Life has had many struggles for me in the last few years. From financial struggles, to major medical problems with parents, and lately with Cody also, to just living in today's world and all the hardships it brings, this quote sums up the way I've looked at life lately. I can't tell you how many times I've felt that my life is slipping away from me. I've become so busy with these issues, and more, that it seems like there's never enough time for the things I need to get done for myself and our kids. And I'm talking the day to day stuff, and big goals I have for myself to hopefully help better our life. Sometimes it's all I can do to get through a day, knowing that tomorrow can bring on something better.

Life is hard right now. But I know that with my faith, my family and friends, and never giving up, I will make it through, just like others have when hard times hits for them. I think often about the saying, "Heavenly Father doesn't give you more in life then you can't handle." But sometimes I wonder where my breaking point is. That's where the faith thing comes in. And I plow ahead, unsure of what it brings.

Sometimes all the hard times in my life makes me think of the pioneers and early settlers of the 1800's. Before modern day inventions came about. When they had to plow acres and acres of farm land by pushing a plow behind a team of horses, trying to till the hard soil, just so they could eat and sell crops to provide for their family. Can you imagine? I've heard many times in Seminary and times since, that pioneers look down on us today in admiration of the hard times we face in life. But I look to them with the same feeling. They continued to "plow through" the hard soil and hard times in life just like we have to. We might not have to do it the same way physically, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally I feel a connection to them. And I'm thankful for their example of courage and never giving up. I draw a lot of strength from them.

I loved this quote from General Conference. I know it was something I needed to hear. And I love President Monson. Thank goodness Heavenly Father gives us people like him to help us through life.

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