Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hunter's Last Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe it's Hunter's last day of kindergarten. It seems this year has flown by. Hunter was having a hard time realizing it was over. He loves his teacher ~ Mrs. Tenney ~ so much and didn't want to leave her. Before school started we took a little present to her.
Hunter signed the thank you card for her.

Isn't that the cutest!

One of Hunter's last times walking through those doors as a kindergartener. 

Hunter giving Mrs. Tenney her present. I found the cut out wood at the wood connection, painted it and added the vinyl saying "teachers change the world one child at a time". This saying fits her perfectly. She was the best kindergarten teacher we've had. She was always sweet to the kids and showed them she cared. We are sure going to miss her. 
Mrs. Tenney told Hunter she should be giving him a present instead because he was her best student this year. He was a great example to the others, always did what he was asked, and was always happy and a good friend. She was almost crying when she said this. 
Hunter is going to miss her so much. When he came home from his last day of school, he was really quiet. He pulled out the fun memory books she made them and as he looked at them he'd say, "Oh, it's the rainbow song." Or, "Oh, it's the leaf poem." He was almost crying as he looked through these. 
Hunter wants to be a school teacher someday because of her. He's played school almost everyday for the last 6 months with the extra papers she'd send home with him. I'm so glad his 1st grade class is just down a couple rooms down from Mrs. Tenney. He wants to still visit her after school. He'll probably still bring home her papers to play school with.
I can't believe my baby is moving onto 1st grade. It's been an emotional couple days around here between me and Hunter. I know he's excited to eat lunch at school though so sometimes moving on isn't always so bad.

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