Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A So Not Wanted Visitor....

This morning I ran downstairs to check something on the computer. As I went to go back upstairs I turned the corner and noticed immediately something very black and stretched out laying by the bottom of the stairs. It was this...
That's right folks, it's a BAT!

It was laying right up against the step so I couldn't see it as I went downstairs, but you bet I saw it as I went to go up. Let's just say it was almost an immediate heart attack. I knew instantly what that creepy thing laying there was. I couldn't move at first. I knew I had to run up over that thing to get upstairs so after a couple minutes of shock and talking my self into it, I jumped over that yucky thing. Thanks goodness Jared had just got home from sprinting so he could rescue us from that. But before he did, the boys all had to run down and peek at it before we left for school.

Jared decided to kill it with his blow dart gun. Hunter and I was freaking out so we hid behind the back porch door and cracked it to hear. I still get chills thinking about hearing it hiss and make this creepy cracking noise. That alone is enough to give you the heeby geebies. We had to give Jared more darts through the basement window to finish it off. Hunter was so scared that apparently as we left the back porch door, he locked it behind us to keep us safe. Didn't matter if we could get back in the house after. He's so cute.

He got it. It only took two hits to kill it. Said the other times the darts wouldn't stick in. I've heard when you find a bat you aren't supposed to kill it, but instead call in and report it. Here's how I figure it though. When it enters my house it becomes war time, and we play by my rules!

My hero. He's pretending to be a caveman right there.

So disgusting!

Jared being a typical boy.

Then he stuck it to the house to show the boys when they got home from school.

We figure it got in through the chimney. We have this small opening at the bottom of the chimney downstairs. The boys took the cover off at christmas time so Santa Clause could come visit us and apparently the boys didn't put it back on. Hope this is a good lesson in remembering to put that cover back on so Mom really doesn't have a heart attack next time.

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  1. This is Lisa- Jared is such a Morse. Spencer is going to die laughing at this.