Monday, June 20, 2011


Typical boys here at our house. We went to McDonald's for lunch today and asked for the boy toy in the happy meal. Instead we got a girl's. Oh dear. That didn't sit too well. Cody was pretty mad. So I told him just save it and shoot it with his BB gun he just got for his birthday. He liked that idea.
Later that day after Cody and I had met with the primary president for his baptism, I was out front talking to her when all my boys came running out front saying I had to come see something. Instead they brought it to me on a board. Check it out...

Not only had they shot it, but then got the idea to rip it apart, get the ketchup and squeeze some on making it look like blood, and even had BB's stuck to her like there was some kind of shooting. You could see the BB's before they added even more blood.

So typical. Gotta laugh at this one. Plus, I kinda started the idea. Love my boys.

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