Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cody's 8th Birthday/Father's Day

Cody's 8th Birthday landed on Father's Day this year so we had 2 fun events to celebrate today. Not too much happened during the morning hours though. I unfortunately woke up with a stupid migraine at 6:30 (Been way too stressed lately with this crazy month, plus had MAJOR allergies, too). So off to bed I went. The boys were so good to let me sleep. Instead they played with the balloons we got for his birthday.
Cody loves ice cream sandwiches so this was part of his breakfast. These are part of a good birthday breakfast.  :)
Cody's pet Cat balloon.

After church and Cody's interview with the bishop for his baptism, we gave Jared his Father's Day presents. Cody made him a cute tool belt at school.

T.J. gave him popcorn and root beer.

He also made this cute card for him at scouts.

Hunter made this card at school. I really hope his feet were clean the day he did this. Hunter hates wearing socks and tries to get away with it as much as possible.

We all gave Jared a new watch and a shirt.

The boys made these cute ties for him in primary. I didn't go today to see them make it. I only went for the end of primary to see them sing to Cody and then part of Sacrament to hear the boys sing in sacrament meeting for Father's Day. This was a weird migraine. But luckily by the time for the birthday party, it had turned into just a headache and left me feeling worn down.

My cute boys with my cute dad. We gave him 2 fun signs to hang up in his garage. We love hanging out in Grandpa's Garage!!

We gave Grandpa Morse a bright green tie. This was the first tie I have ever bought for Father's Day. I usually don't like to buy what everyone else does, but we liked this tie for him.
Cody got a scripture bag from Primary for his birthday. (I actually made this one.)
We had his family birthday party that night.

Jaimi and Trevor couldn't come and Tira and Dave & the girls because of Father's Day. Jaimi and Trevor gave this to Cody. She finds candy and then spells out his name with it. The boys love these presents.


We gave Cody a BB gun, a model of a dinosaur that's made of metal pieces like nuts, bolts, screws, etc., a zebra mug he picked out, and clothes.

He also got two web kins (that chicken in his head), puzzles, dinosaurs, a radio set you actually build, more clothes, games, and money.

He wanted a zoo cake. I wanted to build fun pathways with trees lining them, but when the migraine hit this morning, we simplified.

Cody testing out his new BB gun. Don't worry, it wasn't loaded. He was just shooting the balloons we hang up with air.

We always hang up streamers and balloons all over the living room for birthdays. We're lucky if they stay up the whole time. T.J. and Hunter couldn't stand it anymore. One of T.J.'s favorite things is to pull them all down.

My mom and Jared's Grandma Butterfield.

Silly Dad.

Cody loves Kai. All my boys have loved him and have always been excited to play with him since the day he was born. Cody is so cute with him. So responsible, too.

Hunter and Grandma's Butterfield and Morse all putting his sponge bob puzzle together. 

Birthday Boy.

Cute Brothers.

Happy Birthday Cody!! We love you so much! You are always so thoughtful and loving and always wanting to help everyone. We love you and are so happy to have you with us!

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