Friday, June 17, 2011

Egg Drop/Birthday Table

Today was a big day at school. All the year end stuff we've had these last couple weeks, I feel like I'm working at the school! Today was the annual EGG DROP! The kids all look forward to this every year. And you know what I like about it? It's a science project, but it's so fun that it doesn't feel like a science project!
The boys with their Egg Drops. (Hunter is pretending to hike the ball.) We hallowed out the center of a Nerf football, filled it with cotton and an egg, and sealed it up with duct tape. The egg has to be raw, not hard boiled. Sometimes we use our homegrown chickens eggs cause they have a harder shell. (Haha!) But this year we were out of them.

They call out a couple of grades at a time. The kids bring out their chairs to sit and watch. That's Cody. The excitement level at these is pretty high. It's so fun!

Their awesome principle gets on the roof and throws the eggs drops off one class at a time.
The principle throwing Cody's off. If you look really close, it's the tiny spot at the top of the picture. Mr. Westwood always throws the footballs as far as he can. The kids love to watch it fly past them.

Our cute friend Jesse Kent was helping unravel the eggs to see if they survived.

Cody's made it!

If you survive, you get three treats. The "loosers" get only one.

T.J. and Teegan coming out. Teeg made a big airplane and taped his egg on it.

T.J.'s flying in the air.

T.J., Teegan, and Brodie all waiting to see who's made it. Teegan's died. Brodie's survived.

And so did T.J.'s!!

Cody and Hunter playing with their cousin Kai. They just love him!

Later on we had the birthday table for Cody. Every month the school celebrates the kids birthdays for that month with parents coming, cookies, prizes and pencils. Most kids want lunch brought in for them. Cody wanted McDonald's. Hunter got to come with us, and T.J. ate with us, too. We missed T.J.'s birthday table this school year cause we were camping so we made up for it today. I stole a picture of the boys with Mr. Westwood (who is sticking out his tongue!). We love that principle!!! He does everything he can to help the kids love school. He dresses up as the Cat in the Hat on Dr. Seuss's Birthday, has the best costume every Halloween, knows every kids name at school and most of their parents, too, and does everything he can to make sure we are happy. We are so blessed to have these boys in this school. Good principle, and good teachers!

Cody is Mr. Popular. He had 4 kids waiting for him to finish eating so they could all go play. I guess this happens all the time. Cody's a cutie. He's always a good friend.

Cody wanted to show me his new classroom and where he was sitting. So we stole a picture of him with his friend Josh.

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