Thursday, June 2, 2011


When all of my boys have been in kindergarten, I've made it a priority to volunteer in their classroom. Sometimes it's once a month, sometimes it's more, depending on what the teacher needs. I think it's a great way to spy on my kids and see how they really are doing academically, plus it shows I care about them. Today was my lucky day to volunteer. I set it up at the first of the year to have the first Thursday of the month be my day, and it just so happened that Hunter getting to have school lunch for the first time fell on my day! We were both so excited for this!
Standing in line for lunch! The excitement level was pretty high in this room.

Hunter and some of his friends. Starting from the left... Dawson, Hunter, Killian, Taya, and Brooklyn. Taya is so cute. She's in love with Hunter. Towards the first of the school year when I was volunteering, she asked me, "Are you Hunter's Mom?". I said "Yes", and she said, "Ya, I'm in love with him." I was shocked when she said that. She was so honest, and not one bit embarrassed. Hunter likes playing with her. She's a cutie. She likes when I volunteer (I think cause I'm Hunter's mom). She gave me a hug today when I left.

Hunter trying to reach.

He got chicken nuggets and fries for lunch. One of his favorites. Oh ya, and his chocolate milk. When my dad brings them a bunch of milk from school (he works for the school district) Hunter steals as much of the chocolate from his brothers as he can.

Hunter was so worried he'd forget his new lunch number. He practiced all morning. Mrs. Tenney was there to help him, but he remembered it all by himself.

Hunter had fun eating, but also couldn't wait to finish. We saw Mark - Jared's cousin who works at the school - so Hunter finished as fast as he could so we could go talk to him. The boys all love to see Mark. They love to tease him but are usually shy when they see him at school and give just a small wave.

After lunch I helped at Mom's Table. Today we did an art project. They drew stems and leaves and then finger painted flower petals on. No one got paint on their shirts either! Always a plus.

Hunter and his friend Anna. Hunter is a good little worker. Mrs. Tenney always tells me Hunter does exactly what he is supposed to. I love hearing that.

Finished project.

My finished project. I showed the kids how to use their fingers to paint the petals so I used my hand to demonstrate. The kids all thought I was a little weird to do this. I thought it turned out pretty.  :)

I can't believe my baby is almost in 1st grade. He is growing up too fast! 

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