Sunday, June 5, 2011

U2 Concert

A couple weeks ago my sister Jamie and I went to the U2 concert held here in Salt Lake City at the Rice Eccles Stadium at the U of U. It was awesome! I missed their last concert here about 5 years ago so Jamie made sure she took me this time. The concert was actually supposed to be last year in June, but Bono- the main singer- had emergency back surgery and had to cancel. Salt Lake City was going to be the kick-off city for this tour. It was well worth the wait. Turned out to be a good birthday present for Jamie who's birthday was the day before the concert.
Jamie and I just getting to the concert. She also loves U2. I got her hooked on them.

The stage. It was so cool. It was 167 feet tall. They said Bono designed it using plastic forks when they were out to lunch one day. You could see all over the stage. Made for a good concert whether you had good seats or not.

They had the Fray open for them. Once they were done, and while they set up the stage, they had all these tid bits of info showing around the stage. It was pretty cool to see.
Finally at 8:50 U2 came on stage. That's Bono singing. They were on stage 2 hours and 20 minutes.

This is The Edge. He plays the electric guitar. He's my favorite!

Once it started getting darker they did more of the lights all over the stage. That in itself was awesome! I told Jared with how tall the stage was and all the spotlights they had shining up towards the sky, they could probably see the lights from home.

The whole band.

One of his microphones. He came out riding this spinning red light thing, ended up being his microphone.

This concert was so fun! I'd never been to a rock concert before, only country. U2 has been around since 1981 so there was quite the range of people there. They ranged from those in their 60's down to kids. Everyone just kinda rocked out. We were lucky. Didn't see anyone drinking and everyone seemed pretty decent. They played a lot of my favorite songs... "Pride", "Where the Streets Have No Name",  "Mysterious Ways", "With or Without You", "Vertigo", etc. This was so worth the wait of a year. Can't wait until they come back again. I've loved their music for almost 20 years (makes me sound old... sigh).

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