Saturday, May 21, 2011

Life with 3 Boys...

3 boys. All within four and a half years. Makes for some interesting times around here. Every growth spurt they go through, every stage in life brings new adventures around home. Here's what it been like around here lately with my little cowboys...

Cody pounding in more tacks in the door to hold his many targets for his blow dart gun. He loves to shoot that thing. Sometimes it's like a war zone around here when you get all three shootin'.

Typical Hunter. He's wearing Jared's pants. He's our little comedian.

Learning to roller blade while holding a baby kitten. Poor kitten. They sure take a beating around here with these boys. Probably why they are so scared all the time. Can't blame them.

The kittens hide under the turkey coop to get away from the boys. Hunter is trying to pick her up while in these skates.

Saturday morning... instead of doing our jobs, we're out shootin' the bow and arrow.

T.J.'s teaching Hunter how to shoot.

The hay stacked on top of each other is really the target. Hopefully they hit that instead of the horses and goat behind it!

Well, they didn't hit an animal (Phew!) but they shot the horse stalls a couple times. See the hole?

Never a dull moment around here with 3 boys. But it's fun. You never know what they'll come up with next. The neighbor's get a kick out of watching them, too. We get the comment from a lot of our friends that our boys are "true" boys. I don't doubt that 100%. They are rough, tough, shootin', hard playin' boys who aren't afraid of gettin' dirty. Jared and I swore we'd never by them any X-Boxes, Ds's and such cause our boys are going to be boys. They are going to learn to create fun on their own. Nothin's better when you are a kid then a good imagination and and room to run. I'm so glad we have our "true" boys. Makes life around here a little more fun.

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