Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Break/Easter

I thought it was about time I get some pictures up from our fun spring break/ Easter weekend. Boy, this week has flown by. I feel so behind. We had a blast over spring break. Usually the boys are off track so we never really get to enjoy a spring break, but since we switched tracks this year, we got it.    **WARNING: There are a ton of pictures!**

Wednesday was short day, especially for our kids. We checked them out early to head to Tooele to meet someone who was buying a puppy. Tooele doesn't sound like much of a road trip, but we had fun. It felt like we were heading to a rodeo, especially because of the time of year. We used to always head to Tooele in April for a high school rodeo.
I drove out to Tooele & Jared drove back. Made it feel even more like we were heading to a rodeo. I'd drive out to pick up Jared after he'd haul the bulls & horses out there.

Our cute puppy.

We had it planned to go to the Benson Mill in Tooele to pass off something for T.J.'s scouts, but my luck had to play in and we found they were closed. We were a week and a half shy of opening day.

I love driving past all the trains at Kennecott. One of my favorite things ever... TRAINS!

Cute boys.

T.J. didn't want his picture taken. He gets a little sick of it. Oh-well

Since we couldn't go to the Benson Mill, we stopped at Callister's on the way home and bought me and T.J. pants. My favorite pants ever... Cruel Girl. The boys favorite pants and pretty much the ONLY thing they wear... Wranglers.

Thursday the kids spent the day playing with their friends Oaklie and Brodie Kent, driving their 4-wheelers, building onto their fort and playing with puppies. That night we had a BBQ for Jared's brother Trevor. He'd just graduated from Fireman School the night before. His fiance Jaimi made him this cool cake. I got a picture of it after some had already been cut. She said it took her 6 hours to make. It was really yummy!

After dinner, Jared had another softball game. It was freezing! The game was at 9:00, and it was windy and rainy. But was still fun! They did so good. They lost 10 to 9. They should have won, but sometimes things happen and it throws the game. Jared got hit on the knee cap while pitching and someone hitting, but he was ok. Still makes me VERY nervous!
Jared's audience and cheerleaders. We were so loud! We had so much fun!

Yep, they sure love pictures. T.J.'s covering his eyes, Brodie's to the left, my nephew Teegan to the right.

Hunter stole the blanket. He was so cold!

Cody took off his socks to warm his hands up.

My cute softball player.

Friday we had kids here playing ALL day. Teegan, Brodie and Oaklie hung out with our boys all day. 
Cody found our first turkey egg in their coop. He was so excited! Then later on I accidentally dropped it and cracked it. I don't do so well with turkey eggs. I've killed a whole dozen before only 3 days before hatching day. I should be banned from being around them.

T.J. towing in Brodie's 4-wheeler after his chain broke. T.J. is the most handy kid I've ever seen. Definitely takes after my dad!

After 4-wheelin' some more and finding huge puddles to fly through, they washed it. I never seen kids who put more effort into cleaning their 4-wheeler then these guys. They wax it and even deep clean the tires.

Of course it isn't a full days play unless there is a fire. But lucky for the birds, there wasn't any kill they were trying to roast up this time.

Hunter and Oaklie love playing with the puppies.

Cody and Teegan built this little fort. They wanted to sleep in it that night. I warned them about the spiders. They slept in the house.

He is all boy!! After throwing mud at Oaklie and Hunter, he put his war mud on.

Teegan slept over Friday night. He usually does the night before the big Easter egg hunts since we have to get up at 7:00 a.m. Teegan and Cody were SO hyper they stayed up until 2:30. Hunter and T.J. fell asleep around 11:30. Cody's our night owl.

Evidence of how hyper they were. Hunter was a good sport. He didn't get mad. Thought it was funny.

Waiting in line for the Easter egg hunt at IFA. One of the best hunts ever!! They give away free chicks, ducks, and bunnies. The boys know how to work it. Shake an egg and hear something, put it back, it's only candy. Hear nothing, it's a slip for a free animal. The Kent's came with us this year.

They love pictures.

T.J. got marker all over his face last night, too, but got most of it off.
Searching for eggs.

Check it out! We won 3 free chicks and Teegan got 3 free chicks.

Playing with their new chicks. Bill Drury was at the hunt, too.

After breakfast at Carl's Jr., the chicks got their new home in the basement for the next few weeks. (The chicks didn't eat there... we did.)
T.J. went with Bill, Brodie and Teegan.

Jared helped Cody on the hunt.

I went with Hunter.

They boys all did pretty good this year. Wish they could have found shot gun shells though. They switched sides and had the hunt where you can't shoot.  :(

I doubt they have the Easter egg hunt here next year which makes me very sad. This is the coolest place ever for a hunt. But this year they had us park along a road which is also shared by the Camp Williams sand pit crew. There wasn't much room to drive through and this crazy semi driver wouldn't slow down, veered off the road and got completely stuck. They weren't too happy. But it was pretty cool to watch.  :)

Every year my mom's side of the family (the Holt's) had a weenie roast at Aunt Mame's house out in the cow pasture. I loved this party and looked forward to it every year. My Aunt Mame and Grandpa Holt have passed on now, and for a few year's we didn't have this, but once again, we are. This year because of all the rain, the pasture was too wet to have it out there. So we stayed by the old house. I love this house. They family has donated it to So. Jordan City to be turned into a place where you can have weddings, etc. but the family is able to have it 2 weeks out of the year for parties.

There is nothing better than a hot dog cooked over the fire!

They didn't want a picture. Oh-well.

My mom. Her dad, my grandpa, was born in the house behind her. 

This is the coolest truck! It was Aunt Mame's husband Ken's truck. When Jared and I were engaged, we had our invitation picture taken by this old truck in front of the shed the boys are standing in front of a few pictures down. This truck wasn't fixed up like it is now. In fact, this was the first time all the family has seen it fixed up. My cute Aunt took a picture of Jared and I in front of this, so when she emails it to me, I'm posting it. This truck brings back good memories!
(Cody and Jim are sticking our their chests for the picture. So funny!)

Jim took the boys on a walk down the canal. They came back with sea shells. T.J. found this huge one. We were a bit shocked that it came from the canal.

This place has the coolest climbing trees ever!!

Boys by the old shed.

The side of the house. This little shack next to it had an old mailbox on the side. It had an old cow skull in it and for years it scared me to death. Now I miss the old thing. I love this place. It's not the same. A lot of the property has been sold. There's no more sheep and baby lambs to get in and walk around with. The chicken coop is gone. And I miss my Aunt Mame and Grandpa. But I still love coming here.
After the weenie roast, Jim and Cherie took us and my mom miniature golfing. We had so much fun! It was the boys first time going. Jim teamed up with all the kids and went before us. It was so fun to watch the kids all have a blast. Hunter kept running back to me telling me he "got another one!!" Meaning another hole in one. Really he just said that every time he hit the ball. T.J., Teegan, and Hunter all got a hole in one. I got two!! Yahoo!

My crazy mom. She wanted a hole in one so bad!


I love this picture of Jim and Cherie... and Hunter! That kid is so funny!

Afterwards we died eggs. And I'm happy to report that we didn't spill the dye! Phew!

The boys love dying eggs! We dyed 48 eggs because they love it so much.

We all write fun things on eggs. I always write Jenn loves Jared on one, and I Love my Boys. T.J. wrote Jazz, Cody wrote hoppy, and Hunter drew the symbol of Sugarland (the heart with wings) cause he loves them so much!

Hunter drew a picture for the easter bunny telling him there were some carrots for him and some water. T.J. and Cody wrote him notes telling him they wanted a bunny. But until we move the rabbit cage out of the direct sunlight so they don't keep dying, he's probably not bringing a bunny.

That Easter Bunny never wipes his feet when he comes to our house! And he must eat carrots while he hides the eggs because we find little carrot droppings everywhere.

Sunday we went to church and then to Jared's Uncle Ellis' house for Easter dinner. I accidentally erased the pictures from Easter so I don't have us all dressed up for church. This was a fun year though. When I met Jared, we spent our first Easter dinner at Ellis' house. It made me think back about when we were dating. That night was the first time he kissed me, too. I can't believe it's been 11 years.
We had so much fun hanging out with the kids over spring break. I know there's a lot of pictures, but that's one way I record our life. I love looking back at good times we spend as a family. I'm so thankful for our boys and for Jared. They are my bestest buddies!

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  1. I love that old house. The boys expressions are hilarious.. I love to see warnings that include lots of cute pics. Happy mother's day.