Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a good day this year. I got spoiled by my cute boys with kisses, tons of hugs, and nice compliments all day.
T.J. gave me hand soap that smells of cucumber melon. I love that smell!

Cody's school class made a cookbook of all the kids' favorite recipes. Cody put in the recipe for no bake cookies. Yum!

Hunter's class made a book of fun things they like to do with their mom. Hunter wrote it all by himself. 

Hunter wrote that I love Sugarland and he likes to dance with me. (One of our favorite things to do together... dance to Sugarland music!)

On the back he had these flowers that were tickets. One said good for lots of bear hugs. And two of them said good for cleaning their room. I read that out loud, then Hunter said "Ya, I'm not really going to do that one." Typical. We laughed so hard!

I bought my own Mother's Day presents this year. I usually don't, but I wanted a new softball mitt to practice with Jared so I had to buy it when I found one that fit. So, I just finished with a few other gifts I found as well. A new yard stake that has a STAR on it (my favorite!) and some cute little dishes I've been looking for to make cute little chocolate lava cakes in.

Hunter decided to be in the picture.

We gave Grandma Morse a picture frame this year. This picture didn't turn out so well to see it but it's really pretty.

So we had to take a picture of her with the boys to fill it. I made them stay in their church clothes for it. They sure loved me for that.  :)

We had dinner up at my parents house. But first we had to check out the glider swing that my dad is rebuilding. We are SO excited for this. He built this years ago and had it up at the park where we used to live. Now he's widening it so 4 adults can swing at once. Jim hung it from the rafters so it would line up. Made for some fun swinging for the boys (Jim included!).

I love this picture of my brother Jim and T.J. Jim is so cute with our boys!

Jim, Cody and Hunter swinging.

We gave Grandma Kenison a new mat for her back porch.

I'm throwing this in. My dad used to have an old truck similar to this one. It's like a 1956 Ford. Thought it was pretty cool.

Dad wasn't feeling so hot so Hunter is tucking him in with more blankets. See what cute kids I have. So sweet.

Talking to my sister who was in Montana. She's bringing me back a present from there. I'm so excited. I've always wanted to go to Montana. I love the country!

Finished up the night watching my boys wrestle Jim. Always good watching.

I'm so lucky to have Jared and my cute boys in my life. They were all so good to me on Mother's Day. Cody was listening to someone speak at church about how they are so lucky to have good mom's, Cody said, "It's true, Mom!" He was so dang cute all day. Saying cute stuff like this all day to me. T.J. gave me hugs all day. He's a pretty quiet kid, so a hug from him means a lot! And Hunter made me smile all day. Good, sweet kids. What more could I ask for?!

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  1. you are such an awesome Mom. your boys are so sweet!