Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Outlaws

I love boys. I love how boys play, how they think, and how creative they are. I love the energy they have for life. I love how they have to explore everything, and build everything.  But most of all, I love their imagination. 

One of my boys favorite things to do is be cowboys. Not only are they true cowboys at heart, but they have to pretend to be outlaws, too.
I know their chaps aren't on the right way but there's a reason for that. They were in a hurry to get them on. Lately we've had some neighbor girls coming over to play and that ain't settin' right with these boys. So an idea comes.... dress up as some bad outlaws and scare those girls away.

So they did. I could hear them running after those girls yelling to get out of here. Guess they thought the mustaches, hats, vests and chaps would hide who they really are. The girls did leave, but what the boys didn't know is I'd already told them they had to go home. These boys don't need little girls running around after them when they are trying to do boy stuff like shootin' and such. It just ain't right!

Here's our mini outlaw. He's the one I'm worried about.  But so far his upside down mustache helps put those worries at ease.

If this was his get away horse, we'd be in trouble. But for now, his wild little self is buckled into the truck.

Gotta have somewhere to put those mustaches until the next days work of being boys.

I love boys. Never thought I'd have 3 right in a row all within 4 and a half years, but I guess that's what we needed to make our life fun. There's never a dull moment around here. If it's quiet, be worried. If it's loud, it's normal and it's ok. It usually means there's something fun going on.

All in a day of being BOYS!

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