Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Granny B's Birthday

Last saturday we celebrated Jared's Grandma Butterfield's 87th birthday! She has the same birthday as my brother Jim. We had a big BBQ at Jared's parents house with all the Butterfield's.

We gave Granny a big potted plant with a cute caterpillar friend to live in her flower garden.

Isn't she pretty!

The kids ran around the whole time playing with cousins. Hunter came in, grabbed a cupcake, and said, "Feel my forehead, I'm sweating. It's my first time." Apparently he doesn't remember sweating before.  :)

Jared ran around with Granny's cane and kept poking people or sticking them with it. Made Grandma laugh.

My cute boys with Grandma Butterfield. We sure love her. We visit her almost every sunday at her house. The boys look forward to it every week. I'm so lucky to have another "Grandma" in my life. Mine have since passed on but I feel like she's always been my Grandma, too. She's very sweet to me and I'm blessed for that. This last year I've got her hooked on Anita Stansfield books. She loves to read and was running out of books, so I let her borrow mine and she loved them. Now we always talk about which ones she's reading.

We love you Grandma Butterfield! Happy Birthday!! You look great for turning 87!

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