Monday, May 9, 2011

Pinewood Derby!!

T.J. had his second pinewood derby a couple of weeks ago. That is by far the BEST pack meeting of the year! T.J. decided to make his car the "General Lee" after his favorite show... The Dukes of Hazzard.
First, Jared and T.J. start out by cutting thin pieces of wood to fit over the tires as sides on the car. We want it to look realistic.

Once they were glued on and all dry, we found a picture of the "General Lee" that we could use to trace the body style onto the wood and cut it out.

Then we headed up to my dad's garage to use his good saws to cut it out and sand. (This is my favorite part of my dad's garage!! All his fun saws so we can cut out fun things to paint and play with!)

They love to tease him. My dad is always giving "wet willies".

Excuse all the sawdust that was flying in the air.

Touching up the sanding before painting.

T.J. painted the body all by himself and did a really good job. He had me do all the detail work. I'd have more pictures of that but I accidently erased them.  :(  On top we got a sticker of the flag that we put on. Then I painted all the windows, the grill and back bumper, and the numbers on the sides.
He was so proud of that car! He loves the "General Lee". He's started driving his little 4-wheeler around like he's in the "General Lee". Makes me a little nervous!

T.J.'s car didn't do so well. We finished putting it together the day of the race and found that he didn't get a very good set of tires. His cousin Teegan didn't either. Jared did all he could. He sanded the screws so they'd spin better and put a ton of graphite on, but it wasn't enough. Every race he and Teegan were in they came in last place. But that's ok. T.J. won 1st place last year with his car "BumbleBee." We can't win every time.

Anxious boys watching their cars race.

Poor T.J., his car coming in last.

T.J. receiving his award once the race had ended. On his certificate his car was named the "Most Rebel...ious".

Best Friend's with their pinewood derby cars.

All the scouts with their cars.
This was T.J.'s car last year "BumbleBee" from Transformers. And Teegan's car next to it. This one was a fast sucker! It kicked butt every time! I love the Pinewood Derby with my boys. Cody will be able to do it next year, too. Now, if there was only a way to let us girls do it with them.  ...a dream of mine....

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