Saturday, May 14, 2011

Such A Boy

Today I happened to be looking out my bedroom window at the exact moment I saw it. And if I hadn't have seen it, I never would have thought he'd do such a thing. There he was, T.J. and his friend Brodie, trying to heard one of the chickens back into the coop. (This chicken escaped while they were in there looking at the cute baby chicks.) Anyways, as they got the chicken in, T.J. looked down at his hands, walked over to his dog - Big Bird's water, stuck them in there and washed them off. Then dried them on his shirt. He's usually pretty good about wanting clean hands, but apparently when he's playing, it's a whole different story. I shouldn't be shocked at this, but I was. But I know where that comes from... 
His Dad!
Jared is one of the truest cowboys I've ever met. He works hard, usually is covered in hay or horse poop when he comes in the house, and knows more about horses and ridin' and the true cowboy life then anyone I know. And you know what? I LOVE it! I wouldn't have him any other way. I love livin' the cowboy life with him. I love the country feelin' at our home. And I love that our boys are growin' up exactly like him! 
This isn't the worst thing that T.J. has learned growin' up cowboy. He's drank out of the horse trough at age 2 (with Jared right there knowing what he was doing!), and he learned how to spit by watching the cowboys behind the chutes at rodeos when they'd chew their tobacco. Those, I think, out rank him washing his hands in the dog's water. Guess it's part of growing up cowboy!
This was about the same time he drank from the water trough. I love this picture of the two of them together.

T.J and Cody with their cousin Teegan hauling the rodeo stock with Jared to Lehi Rodeo grounds. They look so young! It doesn't seem like that long ago. T.J. was in preschool and Cody was 2 and a half.

T.J. riding his horse "Spirit".

T.J. loved my bull head.

T.J. and Teegan hauling hay with Jared, Justin & Trevor.

T.J. and Teegan getting ready to ride their "bull" for his 8th birthday. All he wanted for his party was to ride Jared as a bull at the Rodeo grounds.

T.J. on his bull "Jared". He made a good ride, but was bucked off after about 5 seconds.

I love my cute cowboys!

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