Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Kenison Style

Usually we spend New Year's Day with my side of the family. But with New Year's falling on a Sunday, and us not getting out of church until 4 p.m. now, we decided to take advantage of everyone having Monday, the 2nd, off of work and celebrate then. So plans were made to start at 1:00.

My morning, of course, didn't go as planned, so everything ran just a little later then usual. My boys ran to Grandma's house to check on Scout ~ who amazingly is still hanging on!!!! Last night he looked pretty good and even ate some. We are still in limbo so I'm trying hard to not get the boys hopes up with recovery talk. I think he will eventually succumb to this, but I'd love to see him hang around a while yet. He's such a sweet horse. And we love him.

Boy I get sidetracked. Sorry. Anyways, my point of telling you why I was running late all morning is this.... 
Such a sad sentence. I know everyone gets a little sick of me and my addiction to taking pictures, but that's me. That's one of the ways I document our life. And I love it. And I was so sad today because I forgot my friend.  :(

So here's the highlights of our New Year's Party with the Crazy Kenison's:

1. My nephew Teegan came. He was so excited. Years ago he adopted my parents as his "Grandparents" because he doesn't ever see his grandparents on his dad's side. And that's ok. My parents love him and invite him up anytime.

2. Jared rode his bike there. From our house to my parents, it's 9 and a half miles. That might not sound like a lot to some people, but it's a tough ride. All uphill. No joke. They live in Rose Canyon, so ya, it gets pretty steep at times. And before he did this, he shod two horses, so his legs were already tired. Good job Jared! (It really wasn't that big of a deal to him. He could have rode all the way into YellowFork Canyon. My cute CPT!) I know it sounds weird to think he was riding his bike there on January 2nd. We have NO snow. In fact, it was about 43' today. That is just wrong! We've been going through a heat wave. We haven't had a good snow storm since November, when I posted about the boys playing in it. We are praying that changes soon.

3. We ate some good food! Ham and turkey sandwiches on yummy buns, crackers and cheese, lots of veggies, chips and dip, and my yummy Mexican Dip on tortillas. It was oh so good!

4. Jim had his toys out... the train (Ok, that's Grandpa's), his 4-wheeler, and his new lawn mower. Let's just say the boys were in heaven for about an hour. They took turns driving those everywhere. Hunter almost ran me over with the train. But other than that, all was well. Thank goodness.

Jim also played a ton with the boys out back. They locked Jim in the barn and stole his hat. And played on the spider swing for a while. They all love Jim.

5. After eating we took a ride on the Kabota down to feed the ducks. It was so cute to watch them try to run after the bread on the ice. They were slipping all over the place. The boys loved every minute of this. Teegan had them eating out of his hand.

6. Dessert: Cherie's yummy brownies with ice cream, and Mom's yummy graham cracker dessert with chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and coconut. (I can't remember the name of it.)

7. Played games the rest of the night. Jamie played Yahtzee Jr. (Mickey Mouse Version) with Hunter, and then the boys played her Wii the rest of the night. Us adults played Golf, which Mom won, Wackey Six-the funnest game ever!- and Jamie won, and then Pit-also the funnest game!!- which T.J. won.

8. Lots of laughs. And jokes. This is such a Kenison thing to do. And I love it!

We checked on Scout again tonight after the party and he was up standing in his stall. We all told him good night and gave him hugs. Then he went to eating, which is a good thing.

All in all, it was a fun day.

I love days like today.

Just wish it would snow.

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