Friday, January 20, 2012

Poor Cody

Poor Cody... he is SO sick. Last night at about 5:30 he started complaining of not feeling good and being cold. And for those who know Cody, he's never cold! So I knew something was up. He didn't finish all his dinner, and took a bath afterwards, and was still cold. The fever was starting at this point. He mentioned around bed time his throat was starting to hurt, and I knew what that meant... STREP! Poor kid was so sick by the time he woke up this morning. He came walking into the kitchen at 6:17 this morning, red as a lobster. His face and arms looked like someone had taken a red-violet crayon and drawn all over them. And he was hot! I never took his temp because we used our thermometer on Scout and I haven't replaced it yet.
So at 9:30 we headed to the Dr. His rapid strep test came back positive as can be, and as the Dr. looked him over, told us he has Scarlet Fever as well. Poor kid! By this time the fever rash was starting on his stomach as well. His belly button looked like a cute flower, with rosy petals all around it. Sad, but kinda cute.
We had a hard time getting his meds. The computer at the Doc's office wouldn't send the prescription out like it should have so he didn't get any meds until 1:30. By this time he was SO sick!! He couldn't eat anything, his throat hurt so bad. I'd grabbed him a McDonald's Kids Meal at the time I could get his meds and all he ate was two little fries. His poor little throat just couldn't handle eating. He just cried for about an hour until the meds and Advil started working. Let's just say it was a long afternoon for him.
His rash had subsided some in this picture. The advil helped that a lot.

I stayed home with Cody from Pizza night. He ended up taking a 2 hour nap. It was only going to be 30 minutes but I could not wake him up. I tried 2 different times. The last time he sat up and said,"I just can't do it", and layed back down (Still asleep). I've never had it where I couldn't wake a kid up. It was a little scary. Guess he needed it.
I'm not going to Aunt Kathy's tomorrow. :( We started a tradition last year to get together with everyone and scrapbook a Saturday in January. As my luck goes, that Saturday is tomorrow. And Jared has Young Men's Basketball games to coach. I'm so sad! Just glad we got Cody on his meds and is starting to do ok.
He is one sick boy!

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