Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Dance

Love when days turn out good, like today did. Especially when they follow a not so fun day. Here's our highlights from today....

1. We got our taxes done! That's why yesterday wasn't a very fun day. I worked on taxes all day long! (Sometimes self-employment has it's down falls. Like tax season.) But now... they are DONE for one year. Yahoo! My headache can go away now.

2. Jared got called to drive to New York for the church again!!! I am so excited for him. He gets to drive a semi from Manti, Utah to Palmyra, New York hauling all the lighting equipment for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It's a long 3 day drive, but he gets to stop at a bunch of church historical sites along the way. And then visit the Sacred Grove before coming home. That's why I'm so excited for him. I dream of the day I can go there. He's already having anxiety about the flight home, but we've got several months to deal with that.

3. T.J.'s feeling better. Thought he was getting strep the first half of the day today.

4. Got to chat with my Dad for a bit. I love talking to him. Of course, he came by to tell me he has to have surgery, but all in all, it was still fun to see him and laugh together. He has carpel tunnel in his right hand and also nerve damage in his elbow. They'll do surgery soon and he'll be in a cast for 10 days. But he gets most of the feeling back in his hand which is a good thing considering he does everything with his hands!

5. Saw the coolest thing today. As I was driving past one of my favorite nearby farms on my way to get T.J. lunch at Arby's (his favorite!), I looked over and saw a huge hawk sitting on top of the big sprinklers they water the field's with. He turned his head to look at me as I drove past. (Thankfully there wasn't any other cars on the road as I couldn't take my eyes off him.) It was an amazing site!  He was in the trees as I drove home. One of these days I'll have my camera with me so I can post that picture. It was one of those moments in life that was so peaceful, you couldn't help but thank Heavenly Father for all he's given to us. It was Incredible!

6. Cody earned 2 patches and a pin at Pack Meeting tonight.

7. And now, it's Wednesday night. Jared's basketball night. So I'm heading now to watch Law and Order: SVU which I absolutely LOVE!! ....and sew.

Happy Dance!

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