Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Til' We Meet Again

Our horse, Scout, died this afternoon. I'm really going to miss him. He had a fun personality about him. (Although I didn't like to hold him while Jared shod him. He always fought me. He hated being held during this and would rather have be tied to the truck eating some grain. But who could blame him.)

Jared called me this afternoon about 4:15 and told me he'd died. The boys were shocked. They'd seen him standing about an hour and a half before this as they were coming home. I tell ya, Scout was the toughest horse we've ever seen! Most horses when they colic go fast. But not him. Jared and I think, from watching Scout so closely lately, that he could have overcome this colic, but he'd dropped so much in weight from the last bout he had with it, that it was too much for his body. He'd still eat some but was still loosing weight. Jared's mom told us she'd seen Scout not long before he passed away trying to lean over the fence to check out their dog. Nothing kept Scout down. The boys and I headed over to see Scout after finding out. We cut some of his mane and tail to keep for the scrapbooks. Cody wanted to cut it, but then couldn't. It was too much for him.

We are really going to miss Scout, but we are happy he isn't suffering anymore. It's always the good horses that get hit with colic. His death reminds me a lot of an old cowboys death. Someone who worked hard all his life, treated everybody good, and then succumbs to something that inevitably takes his life. Scout was the best horse. He was well mannered, trusting with kids, and the best darn mountain horse you could ask for. Jared's been on some scary trails with him in the mountains, and Scout would take it like any other trail. Scout was the best. He had a cool brand on him, too. Looked like a bow and arrow. Makes us wonder if he's an old Indian horse. Wouldn't surprise me with how he looked.

Scout... 'til we meet again good buddy. We know there's some good ol' cowboys in heaven who can watch over you until we see you again. We love you.

 "Scout"  -Drawn by Cody.


  1. Tell your boys our dogs Trigger and Charlie are up there to great him. There are deffinately plenty of fields for those animals to run in together, that's for sure. I'm so sad for you guys. Give your boys a hug for me and tell them we miss Scout too, even if we've never met him. I know how tough this is. Love you all.

  2. Thanks Suzy. It's so hard loosing an animal. Especially an extra special one. I'll tell the boys. It's sad but also a good learning moment about the next life. Hope Scout finds your dogs Trigger and Charlie. Hugs!