Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Artist

T.J. continues to amaze us with his artistic ability. Here's his latest drawings at age 10....

(At the bottom it says T.J. Morse 5th Grade)

 T.J. drew this for school. During the reading contest for the whole school, they can also draw pictures or write stories based on the theme. T.J. came home the day they heard this year's theme and immediately drew this. It will be hung in the school until the contest is over. He drew this in about 40 minutes. He found the picture to look at from a gift bag I have. I love this picture! Now to write one of our many rodeo/cowboy real life stories for the contest as well.

T.J. drew this one today after school in 30 minutes. He's like Jared and absolutely loves the 49ers. His favorite player is Frank Gore. We are so sad they lost last night. That would have been one awesome Super Bowl!

I love watching T.J. draw. He makes it look like it's nothing. I'm so glad he got the artistic gift. There's nothing better then creating something all on your own!

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