Friday, March 2, 2012

Birthday Table

It was finally Hunter's turn to have the Birthday Table at school today. After watching his brother's have it over the year's, Hunter couldn't wait to have his turn.

Dad got to come this time, too. Usually he's working so this was his first Birthday Table as well. And as we got to the lunch room, Cody found us and joined us for a bit before he had to go to recess. (He wasn't too excited for the picture though.)

We have the option of having school lunch with the kids, or bring something from home. Most parents bring lunch from somewhere and the kids love it. Hunter's request for lunch... McDonald's. One of his favorites. He got the Big Mac hamburger and a Diet Coke. I tell you what, for a little kid, he can sure put those away fast! He loves them.

Their principle, Mr. Westwood, joined us for a bit. He's the best principle! He makes sure to tell every kid 'Happy Birthday', gives them a treat, a pencil, and makes sure they get their prize.
Plus, with it being Dr. Susess's birthday, I'm sure he dressed up as the Cat In The Hat and read to all the students as he does every year. The kids love it.
A couple girls in Hunter's class joined us as well. Everyone loves Hunter and it shows.  Kids always flock to him. It's so cute to watch. Hunter is a good friend. He's nice to everyone and is always happy and having fun. No wonder he has so many friends.

Sometimes I still can't believe Hunter is in first grade. He's my baby! But I'm happy to see how happy he is. He loves school. He's my social butterfly. He didn't mind one bit having school on his birthday. He couldn't wait to pass out treats in his class for it. And he especially can't wait to be a school teacher someday.

My cute Hunter.

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