Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hunt's First Super Glue Experience

Shortly after Hunter woke up this morning, he found T.J.'s Super Glue on the table.

The next thing I hear is Cody asking what's wrong. Then asking if he just super glued his fingers together.

Hunter immediately said,  "No!"

But he kept his hand under the table.

So I asked Hunter if he super glued his fingers together. He slowly raised his hand and tried to pull them apart, but his thumb and pointer finger were stuck, making a perfect little circle like he was giving me the "OK" sign.

That's when he looked at it and started crying. And I started laughing. And he started crying harder, and harder. Poor kid didn't know what to do. He tried and tried to separate his fingers but they wouldn't budge. Let's just say the panic button went off for Hunter who was now sobbing.

So we went into my room, got my lotion, and rubbed a bit on his fingers. And then, I pulled them apart. Hunter immediately went quiet, looked at his fingers, and then cried some more saying it hurt so bad! In honesty, they weren't glued too badly, and it didn't rip any skin. Hunter just has this dramatic side to him. Let's just say it runs in the family. But before long we had him calmed down so he could go feed the animals before school.

Never a dull moment around here with my boys. But I think Hunter will think twice before touching super glue again.

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