Saturday, March 31, 2012

Conference Weekend

I love General Conference Weekend! Seriously, it's one of my favorite weekends of the year! And the fact that we have it twice a year makes it even better.
This year we got a bingo game for the kids to play while they listen. But they had other ideas of what to do during conference. About 5 minutes before the morning session was to start, all three boys were looking for notebooks. T.J. and Cody found theirs, but Hunter was running desperately through the kitchen and living room and finally said, "I can't find Heavenly Father!" Meaning his notebook that has a picture of Jesus on the front (a birthday present from the primary). We found it and the boys settled down quietly to watch conference.
They told me they wanted to take notes instead of playing bingo today, and then maybe play bingo tomorrow. How freaking cute and grown-up is that?! I was so impressed. So of course I had to get the camera.
 I love how Hunter writes. And look how organized he was... numbering them one through six. He definitely takes after me... an organized momma's boy! He was so proud!

 Cody didn't want to pose for a picture. He was too busy listening. Good boy Cody!

(Ignore the ugly beast of a chair. Jared loves that thing. He's had it since he was little and when his parents wanted to get rid of it, he immediately took it. It's ugly, so old, and not very comfortable. But he loves it. Someday I'll win and it will be gone.)

T.J.'s list next to a picture of some cowboys. So typical of him. I love it!

I kept telling them I thought it was awesome they were taking notes, and finally it came out. T.J. said, "We're taking notes so we can answer Dad's questions and show him we listened."
Ha ha! Smart boys! They definitely passed that quiz.

They did good and listened well for an hour.

Then Cody and I played catch with a plastic Easter egg, while T.J. and Hunter tried to play Monkey in the Middle. And I realized something during this game... Cody is excellent at catching! And I mean EXCELLENT! I think this boy needs to get into baseball. He was catching them left and right, and even the ones above his head (you know... the kind that fly right above you that the trained catchers can catch without even a thought of what to do kind). Let's just say that was one of the reasons why I didn't listen to much of conference the rest of the morning. I was shocked at how well he did. And excited!

Hey, at least we got a good hour's worth in. 

P.S. Wasn't Pres. Packer's talk AWESOME! SO far... my favorite!

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